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Chrome Console Errors with Experts-Exchange

Dear EE Team,

With EE new interface I am seeing the following errors displayed on Chrome Console

EE Console Error Display
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Chinmay Patel2019-03-10 09:22 AMID: 2459714
Looks like you have an ad-blocker in place. I do not think that EE has anything to do with that.
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Andrew Leniart2019-03-10 05:05 PMID: 2459737
Agree with Chinmay. Experts Exchange is one of the *very few* sites I have my ad-blocker disabled and I've never once seen an intrusive add, so feel free to switch yours off Deepak and see if it makes a difference.

Regards, Andrew
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Kyle Santos2019-03-11 11:07 AMID: 2459802
Thank you for reporting this to us.  We will look into those errors.  Have a good day.