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Congratulations to all Experts Exchange Award 2018 Winners!

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Btw!, Happy Worker's day everybody! :)

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Stephen Chung2019-05-01 09:26 AMID: 2468971
Not to sound like a broken record, but another huge congratulations to all of the winners!

The awards were sent out 1 week ago, with an estimated shipping time of 6-10 days - we'll see if they honor that timeline, but John I'm glad yours has arrived safely for you :)

And once you guys receive your awards, I personally would love to see how your awards are displayed or your new gear in action, so if you're in the "selfie" mood, feel free to post a photo with your stuff!
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Finally got it!...
Something made its way home!
This is Amazing I loved the Polo and the other 2 T-Shirts :)
I'm so glad about it for me really is a big deal!

Thank you guys I appreciate it!
A good reason to keep here helping people :)
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Congratulations Jose! :)

I am still waiting for mine. :)
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Mine arrived today....

Lovely Awards and Polo Shirt - Thanks again.
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Awesome!!! :)