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Site Navigation and Dashboard beta

Greetings Experts,

We are excited to announce that the Site Navigation and Dashboard beta for Experts has been released today. Our goal is to provide quick access to the most commonly used areas of the site based on your feedback and analytics collected from the current navigation and feature usage.

On the beta dashboard, you'll find many components of the current home page and a few new additions. We've added quick links to all of our content creation wizards. Additionally, you will find a summary list of new comments (since your last view) on content you've participated in or are monitoring. Below the Suggested Questions list, we've also displayed askers who you’ve recently helped. This is the first of a few upcoming elements designed to highlight our appreciation for all the help you provide.

While in the beta experience, you can send feedback at any time by using the gray "Give feedback for the beta dashboard" button beneath the header. We look forward to everyone trying the beta and sharing their feedback.

Christopher Rourke
Product & Quality Assurance Manager
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Expert Comment

Modalot2019-07-24 08:56 AMID: 2483552
For bugs we need to keep that in a different and dedicated channel, covering that particular single bug only. Posting about it in a long-winded discussion thread does not help anyone ;-).

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Modalot2019-07-24 09:20 AMID: 2483556
The feed has been endless, point. Being that it has been subject of many complaints from members, and meanwhile it is (apparently) a no-go for web design anyway. For it is worth, the design guidelines change (too) often. Today you have endless scrolling considered as good style, tomorrow it is a blacklisted feature ...

Whatsoever, the dashboard components are not cast in stone yet. At the moment I cannot tell if Posts is in the feature implementation queue, but knowing it is an important source for some members might help pushing it. But only if Posts is not used just to detect posts which have been asked as questions instead - that should be left to EE staff for the main part, to get some stats and see why that happens (if worth doing some analysis).

It might help prioritizing implementation on the dashboard if EE gets to know why/what for/how often Posts are used. Of course, if there are only a few members, it won't get the necessary momentum. I'm sure the dev team isn't bored much currently, and has enough on the plate.
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Jeffrey Dake2019-07-24 09:37 AMID: 2483561
Thanks everyone for your feedback.  Hearing that Posts are valuable to you does help us with our planning and we are trying to figure out the best way to get the correct information in to everyone.

These are the takeaways I am getting right now.

  • Post & Articles are important and "Research" is not resonating as the place to go for those.
  • Posts need more visibility
  • Expert Dashboard is a good start but still needs some improvements to make it the best it can be.

In the future if you also have direct feedback that you want to go to our product and ux team, you can use the feedback link in the footer.
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Rob Henson2019-07-24 09:40 AMID: 2483563
I never used to deliberately go looking for Posts, it would only be if one came on my feed that was obviously a question, rather than a post, and nobody had already advised to raise as a question that I would add a quick comment advising them to do so.
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John2019-07-24 11:49 AMID: 2483583
M wrote "Regarding the icons, we had issues a few years ago if your screen DPI settings were different from 100%."
R wrote "My DPI settings are set to 100% and the Application zoom is 100% yet the icons do not perform correctly."

My resolution is Native (1920x1080), Scaling is 125% (so I can see small things), and Text scaling is 110% (to make text bigger). Icons in this environment have always worked properly.

If you are on Windows 10, make sure you have updated to V1903
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Expert Comment

Rob Henson2019-07-25 05:17 AMID: 2483639
I usually use my work Laptop and that is on Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, I will  check with my own laptop later which is on W10