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New EE Mobile App - Thoughts?

So finally, the new mobile app is here. I think it is bit sluggish but still I am loving it. Liked the new look and overall feel but there are some areas which raise significant UX concerns. For example, notifications require you to click on an arrow to open the relevant post - super strange.

Pros -
 - New UX aligned to Web Site - looks really nice. Avatars are eye-popping (or is it just me)
 - Voting Buttons - Helpful/Not Helpful/Solution
 - Expandable comment area is going to be much appreciated - I think

 - Overall sluggish UI - Could be very well a problem on my side
 - Notifications require you to click on an arrow to follow the post - pretty weird design
 - Support menu item - When you click on it, it lists three item headers - Email/Phone/Site but does not display associated values until you click on them.

There will be more... but I gotta run now.

All in all, I am happy to see the new mobile experience and hoping to see it grow even further.
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John2019-07-24 11:50 AMID: 2483584
Thank you. I will be patient, but the issue is critical to me.
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☠ MASQ ☠2019-07-24 12:38 PMID: 2483593
Suspect I'm in a minority on how I'd like to use this.


Using App
Checks phone to see if any activity on (any) participated questions.
gets one notif (most recent)
Clicks and app opens
Taken to Home Screen
Clicks on Notifications
Scrolls to question in notification
Clicks on arrow
Taken to top of thread
Scrolls down to most recent post

Compare with:
Gmail notif on phone
Opens email
Cllcks on link to comment ID
Browser window opens
Taken to most recent comment in thread.

The extra action needed is the barrier to me adopting the app

Appreciate all the work that is going on here though - Thanks :)

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Michael Arciniega2019-07-24 01:09 PMID: 2483595
Thanks for the feedback MASQ, we're definitely going to address the notification flow because I agree its not optimal at the moment.

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Michael Arciniega2019-07-24 02:20 PMID: 2483605
John the fix for the notification sound issue will release on Monday. Thanks for your patience.

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Michael Arciniega2019-07-24 02:34 PMID: 2483607
Also to anyone watching this thread, the live code refresh process will now download in the background and hot swap the second time you open the app. This will improve the responsiveness of opening the app the rest of the time. To get this update you will have to download the new version from the app store which should appear by the afternoon on Monday (depending on how quickly Apple and Google refresh their stores).
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John2019-07-29 12:17 PMID: 2486415
Thanks. V3.0.8 came out via the Apple Store. I updated, logged out, shut my phone off, started back up, logged in , and there is a Sound button in Notifications.

Sound now seems to be working. Thank you. I will exercise this over the next day or so