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Bug: Exdention of first code line

For some time, all code blocks in articles - old as well as new - have had the first line (no. 1) "exdented" by one character.
For example here

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Sjef Bosman2019-06-27 05:42 AMID: 2480053
Not here on Linux FF or Chromium...
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Gustav Brock2019-06-27 05:54 AMID: 2480055
Interesting. Neither Safari nor Edge on my iPhone shows this. Neither does Edge nor IE on my Windows 10.

But the new Edge Chromium Developer does, and this is what I have used since it has been introduced.
Seems like I have located a bug in this.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Shaun Vermaak2019-06-27 07:44 AMID: 2480070
I have begged and pleaded before, I would love to have a proper code syntax highlighting library such as https://highlightjs.org/
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Not for me either, on Chrome and Chrome Mobile
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Craig Kehler2019-06-27 11:11 AMID: 2480109
And it begins, the Edge Chromium bugs that aren't present in Chrome... ;)

Regarding the code highlighting library, we hear the concern, looking into why we haven't prioritized that functionality yet.
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@Craig  Yes Please to Syntax Highlighting!  I would Adore that to no end!

  FWIW, I created my own Syntax Highlighting in the Article I wrote and posted on E-E recently, it looks terrific to see the code highlighted , and I did it all with the Article tools.

  However, while the article editor allowed me to create colorized code in my code blocks, and showed it to me while editing, when I posted the article and viewed it, I found E-E strips all that fancy color away from the code even though it let me create it using the article editor.

  That said, I found that when I edited the article again the colors showed back up, so it's just the website that does not allow the colorization of stuff in the code block, while the editor does store it.

 I liked how the colorized code looked so much that I took screenshots of it and put them in the E-E Article as part of the article.  

By the way the article editor is a bit better at several things than  the normal question editor, and except for quirky code blocks I'd be happy to have some of the features ported over.