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Verify Email .. click ... Verify Email ... click ... repeat

To receive full access to Experts Exchange, please verify your email at your earliest convenience. [Verify Email]

1. I have a banner at the top of the page telling me to [Verify Email].

2. I click the provided [Verify Email] button.

3. I then get a banner at the top of the next page telling me to [Verify Email].

repeat from 2

What am I  expected to do that will actually solve this cycle?
ps. both old and new UI doing the same thing

Additionally, why am I being asked to verify my email address when it has not changed?
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I don't see this. on which page - any page?  Are you logged in (I assume so from your post)?
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Martin Nguyen2019-07-02 07:56 AMID: 2480715
Hi Paul,

I've verified your email address for you so you should no longer get that message. If you do please log out and log back in again.

I'll look into why you ended up in that cycle and talk with the devs.

Let me know if you run into this issue again, or any other issues.

EE Helpdesk
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PortletPaul2019-07-02 05:03 PMID: 2480819
Martin - thank you. The problem has disappeared without needing a re-login.

@Thomas, yes, it was every page and it was quite frustrating/annoying.
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I had the same problem until I contacted support, they verified the email on the back end for me
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PortletPaul2019-07-02 08:53 PMID: 2480842
Good to know it wasn't just me :-)