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How to Find Comments Marked As Helpful? -- Not Possible Currently - So, Lets Enhancing the Search / Listing Functionality for New Statuses etc

There doesn't appear to be a Search method for Notifications, or for selecting comments that have been marked with the new Meta Tag Such as Helpful.

--If there is such a method, how do I go about it?--*  If not we should submit this as an enhancement, if not already..

*(We need a crossed out Tag BTW)


A description of how this feature might work:

1) List / Search a chronological history of my own activity (or activity by any user I guess)

2) Advanced Search Match new status tags for Questions/Comments/Article (And who applied them -- Separate Search terms maybe?)
  2a) When Applied to a Specific Expert (say, myself)  By Anyone
  2b) When Applied to Anyone By a specific Expert (Say Myself)
  2c) When Applied by Specific Person(s) to Specific person(s) (EGs follow)
    2ci) Me to Expert A and/or Expert B
    2cii) Me and Expert A to Expert B and/or Expert C and or Expert D
    2ciii) Expert A or Expert B to Me and/or Expert C
    2civ) Expert A to Me and/or Expert B
    2v) Expert A and/or Expert B to Expert C and/or Expert D

3) List and Search all previous Notifications received. (Might be easier in the short term, but if we get the above this might not be needed as I was attempting to see my notifications to try to search them for the above really)