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Certified Professional Program (CPP)

Hi Experts,

As most of you would have received the survey I thought it pertinent to revise the discussion around the CPP and what it means for everyone.  You may remember this discussion we had late last year introducing the CPP https://www.experts-exchange.com/discussions/221179/Strategic-Adjustment-Next-Steps-for-Experts-Exchange.html.  This introduced the idea and the discussion continued into early 2019.

The goal is the same and heavily focused around Expert Recognition.  We all like to be rewarded in one way or another for our contributions, whether it's a certificate, trophy, t-shirt, an Asker selecting a solution!, or just a mention in the monthly newsletter.  We did find that the recognition in place didn't completely satisfy enough members; it was too heavy in one area (e.g. t-shirts), given out incorrectly and ultimately meant nothing to the outside world (think telling your prospective employer that you're a Guru).  So it's about the perceived value in that recognition so that you can promote yourself if that's what you're after and on the other hand be motivated to contribute more through that positive feedback.

What you're now seeing some of those ideas start to come to fruition.  The Verified/Trusted/Renowned status of a vetted Expert, the expert dashboard, the peer review system are just the start and by no means finished.  The survey's aim was to get feedback on the direction and gaps in the recognition of Experts to improve upon what we already have as well as to fill those gaps.

This discussion is for you to ask questions about the program and share any ideas or concerns.
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atlas_shuddered2019-09-27 10:36 AMID: 2500393
I'd like to be able to tag this asker, for myself.  So that if he asks another question I can weigh whether I want to respond or not.

Tagging to the global community may be something that needs to have a vet process placed to it.

In the case of this asker, my reasoning is that I told him he is getting bad information, this on top of the long open time on this question.  I'd just like something tied to the asker on the question page, that is visible to me, that says "hey, you've had a concern with this guy in the past".  Maybe even with a link back to the question that generated that concern.
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Brian B2019-09-27 11:06 AMID: 2500394
In the old days, we would badger Authors to close, but that resulted in what Atlas said. Just random closures to allow the Author to ask the next question. Somewhat helpful to the Experts, but little value to the PAQ. Now EE would rather leave the question open if there is no definite answer.
However there are still Authors who do not close. While we don't want to paint them with a "scarlet letter", I'd like them to be educated. I have that exact question open with the customer service team now. I answered asked for clarification in a couple of question by the same author and never heard back... Using my TA powers, I checked their record and they have never... closed... a … single... question except for a select few that mods pointed out to them. Despite having been given two reminders back in the "old days".
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>>I'd like to be able to tag this asker, for myself.  So that if he asks another question I can weigh whether I want to respond or not.


See if this post from May 2017 is what you are thinking:
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atlas_shuddered2019-09-27 11:42 AMID: 2500400
Brian -

While we don't want to paint them with a "scarlet letter"

Though I can agree with this to a point, I also think that it is definitely only to a point.  If I jump on here and start acting like the northern end of a south bound horse, I'm sure I would be chastened by the mods.  I am betting that there is a line of terminus, at which point, if my actions were not to be rectified, I could find myself expelled from the community.  The short reason?  Respect, or the lack there of.

So here is the question that is immediately begged by that point.  If I can be banned as a paying member (make no mistake, I pay with my time or risk having to pay with my cash, but payment is payment) as a sprt, then why can an asker not find themselves with similar negative ramifications?  Their disrespect may be more passive but it is no less disrespect.  I'm not even advocating that they be banned.  I'd just like to be able to ban them from my interaction.  And.  I also believe that in cases of repeat abusers, there should be some type of public tag.  Even if it shows on the question page a metric.  Something like:

This asker been a member for N period of time and has asked X number questions.  Y of those questions are presently still open.  Of those Z1 have been open longer than 14 days, Z2 have been open longer than 30 days, Z3 longer than 60 days, Z4 longer than 90 days.

Maybe even go so far as to add an additional metric:
Of the X number of questions that this user has closed, Y of those where marked for review/objection.

Again, everyone is so blooded worried about protecting the asker because they pay with cash.  I argue that I pay monthly as well.  With my time.  If I don't drop my time in, then EE has my payment info and I'm sure they would not hesitate to pull the bucks to cover.  Additionally, if I figure it on the basis of what I bill per hour as a SrNE and SME?  I'd be paying for my account simply by deigning to look at a question, much less answer it.

I'm honestly not trying to be a prat.  But I have no problem with calling a spade a spade and right now, the concern over protecting paying customers reeks of manure, if for no other reason than it is selectively applied and thereby leaves part of the community (and I would argue the more important part) completely exposed.  EE could have 10 million folks paying to ask questions.  If no one was answering those questions, those 10 million would disappear pretty quick as well.
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atlas_shuddered2019-10-01 03:09 PMID: 2500769
Well - this conversation died a quick death.
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compfixer1012019-10-01 10:28 PMID: 2500777
Not dead yet,  but I havent had time to respond.   heard a ping for me but been busy,,
Hope to respond this week.