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CPP Survey Results

Here is some of the key takeaways (and the result data attached) that we've identified from the survey.  

If you see other points, please respond below.

Points are a valid "reward"; however, not perfect
 - first answer (not best answer) receives higher points
 - quality over quantity
 - not rewarding posters for abandoned questions

"Auto-enroll" for experts has resulted in a significant number of experts who are
unaware of the program or even unaware they were an expert.

Title / designations
 - mixed reactions to bronze / silver / gold
 - "Verified" could be a MVP or a novice (better definition)

Expert engagement
 - almost half are responding monthly or less often
 - time is primary reason for not participating more often

Benefit to the Expert
 - "free site access" / "ability to ask questions for free" as benefit
 - professional development
 - industry recognition
 - helping others mentioned but less frequently than the two mentioned above

Certificate program
- work with vendors like Microsoft to have EE certificates recognized across the industry

Consumer vs. Contributor
- Intent of the user to contribute or consume the information available
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Mark Wills2019-10-21 10:34 PMID: 2507634
Thanks Rob, will review the CSV and your points above....
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Gustav Brock2019-10-22 07:06 AMID: 2507685

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P V2019-10-22 08:25 AMID: 2507691
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TY Rob