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Enable 2 Factor Authentication or Multi Factor Authentication TODAY!

I'm sure I preaching to the converted.....BUT...

This may alarm you, sorry if it does, this is the truth today, as cybercrime is a big threat…

Some free advice to you all, recently a town councillors email was hacked and hijacked for a week! (more on that later! but the result was a Socially Engineered Attack was AIMED at specific individuals including me, and we were scammed out of £200 or more)

I never thought I would be scammed in this way, it was very convincing, well clearly I was scammed, and I'm sure as you all sit there reading this, you are smugly grinning, and thinking I'll never be scammed like that.....(more on the socially engineered scam later, it's currently with the Action Fraud Department in the UK), but I'll release all the details of the scam, so you can digest, and reply with I would never reply to that....

BUT lets just state for the record, they had control and copies of the town councillors email account for possibly 13-18 months before they pulled the trigger on the account, AND almost got away with it, because the town councillor was NOT on holiday!). Well they did get away for it, they cammed people and got money!

It took him 7 days to get the account back, after discussions with BT (UK ISP, one of the largest in the UK).


But your password is not safe, if you are using passwords on your internet accounts (email, paypal, forums etc) today which are less than 16 characters and do not use a mixture of numbers, special characters, e.g. !”£$%^&*()_+{}:@~<>?abcdefghijklmnopqystuvwxyzABCDEFGHIHJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ1234567890 it’s at risk now of being cracked!

You may currently complain, when using a finance type internet account, e.g. banking online, to login you’ve got to answer various questions to challenge you to get access – this is what we call Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Multi-Factor Authentication!

Yes, it’s a pain in the arse, but it protects you from cyber crime, and somebody logging into your account.

A password and an email address, or username is not secure, if you are using insecure passwords – update them at least or change over to 2FA or MFA. (you’ll need a Smartphone or tablet).

I now have access to a research supercomputer (it’s called a Nvidia DGX-1) which has 40,960 GPU cores, or 960 Tflops !!!

 This is the server, it is rather noisy and loud!


It eats password hash tables for breakfast, and now is being used by Cyber Criminals!!!!
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BillDL2019-11-03 02:06 AMID: 2508968
@Andrew Hancock
I'm interested in what you refer to as "TrueCall" to screen and block calls on home phones.  Are you using the physical trueCall device that connects between the phone and the telecom socket?  If so, which one of their three devices did you buy, and do you pay the £20 a year for access to the online dashboard?  This might just be the perfect solution for my elderly Mother who is bombarded by call centre silent calls, fake TalkTalk and BT techs, and "you were in an accident" recently scam calls.  TalkTalk that does her phone billing have just added 2p each time she dials 1571 to hear messages, so if the trueCall device also works as an answering machine she could ditch the 1571 service which she uses a lot.
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@BillDL Sorry for not responding sooner, I was not ignoring you, I read your post, and then life got in the way.....

We are actually using the original TrueCall device which plugs in between socket and phone, which was available long before, BT integrated into the Phones.

I do pay £20 a year for the Interface, and I've also got my parents and friends one, which I also manage for them using the Web Interface.

It works very well, and I have no fake calls, they've gone, and I only speak to people I want to speak to!

Truecall also is an answer phone as well.


I have this one...


I hope that helps.
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Andrew Leniart2019-11-12 01:26 PMID: 2509953
Hi Andy,

Thanks for the comment above you just made to BillDL, I found it quite interesting. I looked TrueCall up via your links and liked the idea myself, particularly for my wife who is often bugged by telemarketing calls and is way too polite to deal with them like I prefer to do.

Can you advise if it's possible to use this service with mobile phones?

Also, is it possible to allow "No Caller ID" calls through without them having to listen to a message first? Many hospitals and other emergency services will often call from unlisted numbers and I'd be hesitant to block or impede such calls on the off chance that they might be calling about a family member.

I'm also curious if something similar is available in Australia.

Regards, Andrew
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BillDL2019-11-12 05:26 PMID: 2509976
Thank you Andrew (Hancock).
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I'm afraid its for landlines only.

There are many settings which can screen all calls, block all calls. (withheld or unknown numbers)

There are apps with similar names for mobile phones, but not to be confused with this device.

For me at present phone diverts to voice mail for all calls not on my contact lists
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Philip Elder2019-11-13 08:14 AMID: 2510030