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vSphere 6 is coming! February 2nd!

I don't know about you guys, but I am super excited about this next release of vSphere! They are boasting significant updates to their core technology. In vSphere 6, their integrated products for management of hybrid cloud environments are supposed to be more tight knit.

Anyone get a chance to beta test it?

Check out this article announcement:
With vSphere 6, VMware is trying to make sure its flagship product works smoothly with its newer technologies. If successful, VMware should have a much easier path to getting customers on board with its software-defined data center vision.
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off course, extensively tested it, but cannot tell you about it yet!
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Michael Machie2015-01-14 02:21 PMID: 141404
Is this something we should wait a year or so after roll-out to embrace? I know there were many issues with upgrading from 5.1 to 5.5 regarding patches etc. Would it be better to install vSphere6 from a fresh install and migrate the VMs to it or would a standard CLI upgrade be stable?
For instance, I am still on 5.1 U2 with my hosts. Can I make that big a jump or must I perform a 'step' upgrade to 5.5, then 6?
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I was answering, and the power went out!

Can you please post a new question, and myself or other Experts will glady answer, and the EE community will benefit from your Question.

Andrew Hancock
VMware Topic Advisor
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Uni Kitty2015-01-14 02:42 PMID: 141407
Yes I agree! This would be a great question to ask in our question area. We'll be waiting....