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PASS Summit 2015

This thread is for anyone going to PASS Summit 2015.   What it is, is it worth going, is it true that damn near presenter is an MVP, were there really horse and rhino heads dancing at the Pragmatic Woks' Karaeoke Night at the Hard Rock Cafe, is the Experience Music Project (EMP) museum really cool as hell, hotel, how to I get from the airport to the convention center, etc. etc.

I'm going.  ValentinoV and I went in 2012 and had a great time.  To date he's the only EE Expert I've actually met in real life, and I continue to be insanely jealous as his soul patch has not sprouted gray hair like mine, forcing me to go with the 'Iron Man'.

Any questions, ask them here.
Jim Horn
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Mark Wills2015-08-16 02:02 PMID: 1749517
If I was over there, wouldn't miss it for quids.


I am not, so wont be going. Instead will rely on any subsequent posts to get the low-down and feedback from those who made it there.

Have fun, and insanely jealous - not because of grey hair (have plenty), but of opportunity :)