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Change on O365 Sharepoint

This is a bit of old news, but some may not be aware; Microsoft is doing away with public facing web sites through SharePoint on O365:

That would effectively kill the Access Web app market for O365 users.  It will be interesting to see what they offer this month as alternatives.  Basically though, it sounds like you'll need someone other than Microsoft to host your SharePoint site.

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Gustav Brock2015-01-12 02:34 AMID: 141130
Thanks. I didn't know.
Though not having any figures or statistics, I guess extremely few have used this feature. If so, the decision makes sense.

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Nick672015-01-12 01:01 PMID: 141194
The rumblings further to this suggest that SharePoint in general is coming under threat, in the same way Exchange has has come under threat.
MS really, really wants you to put everything on Azure.
And given the dog that SharePoint was/is, there are suggestions that what is coming forward is not evolution of SharePoint, but SharePoint eventually being dismantled and subsumed by Azure.

And the same things that plague us as Access guys when it comes to SharePoint -- a distinct downgrade in the capabilities we currently have and limited portability of what we've already built -- plague SharePoint Online vs inhouse SharePoint

So what you're getting is what's expected -- very few folks taking MS up on the whole enchilada.  Those that are moving to the cloud are moving their entire SharePoint ecosystem into the cloud -- where the O365 offerings of MS are irrelevant, since it's the customers own virtual infrastructure that's in play and not O365's offering.

What this bodes for Access is an open question.  They've been beating the SharePoint drum since A2007, and few if any have taken that route.  Hopefully, that will mean they realize that a significant upgrade to the desktop platform is long overdue.  Nadella talks about a 'platforms and productivity' company.  Let's see if they understand that desktop VBA platform is the one of significance for the productivity of vast numbers of folks.