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Stopping the question filter emails

One idea I've had and mentioned numerous times when asked about my experiences with the site is the ability to be able to suspend the emails that get sent from my question filters. I don't want to have to go in, disable and then re-enable them. I'd like to see something akin to the "out of office" in Outlook, where I can put in a date range so that during that time, no emails will be sent to me. With my filters I get about 100 a day which is fine normally. The main drivers behind this are simple:

1. Reduce email traffic to me during my holidays
2. Reduce the cost of my data usage while I'm abroad on holiday or on business
3. Prevent my wife from giving me grief for "doing techie stuff" when I should be relaxing on holiday


Not sure if I have posted this before. Apologies if I have, but I'd really like to see this facility on the site.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2015-03-25 07:33 AMID: 229861
I can see #2,  possibly #1, but is not #3 just you learning to ignore your e-mail? ;)

But for #2 alone, for those using phones it would be a great idea.  I think the only thing I would have is a sanity check on the date range.  Something like the start date being within the next xx days and the end date being no more than xx days after the start date.

I can see someone being on vacation from 07/01/15 - 07/11/16 because of a typo and left wondering why their not getting anything from EE.

Also some type of clear indication that e-mails for the account are suspended.

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PatHartman2015-03-25 07:39 AMID: 229863
I hate getting the emails at all but with this site, I don't have any alternative.  Other forums I participate in organize the open threads by activity so no matter when the question was originally posted, it pops to the top each time someone adds a comment.  In these forums, you can also see at a glance which threads you have contributed to.  So, all you have to do is navigate to the open threads.  You can filter for threads you contributed to if you want to prioritize your responses when all you have is a few minutes.  Also useful is a visual indication that you have viewed a thread so it is easy to pop in and out and not loose your place.
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Ryan McCauley2015-03-25 07:52 AMID: 229864
I have a sorting rule set up on Exchange (though you could easily do it in GMail or anything else) that dumps all EE emails into a folder that I don't normally see, and then I browse through at my leisure. If you set it up this way, you can just ignore the folder (and presumably it won't synchronize automatically either), and then you can just delete everything when you're back from vacation and go back to monitoring it. You even have the added bonus of quickly sorting through everything when you get back to address questions that could still use your attention.

Would that meet your needs? I agree that an out-of-office type setting would be nice, but it can easily be addressed on the client side as well.
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I've seen something like this discussed a few times, and I think it's a great idea. It's because there isn't something like this already that I disable the filter alerts altogether.

Even better if we could also provide a time window daily during which email can be received. I don't want to check my mailbox after a short absence and have stacks of emails. Yes, I could set up a rule to move/delete the emails, but why should I? Less emails being sent by EE can only be a good thing. If I want to see what questions have been asked while I was unavailable, it's easier to just view that filter on EE than going through each email.
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GMGenius2015-03-27 05:10 AMID: 230042
I agree, good idea
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Chris H2015-03-31 07:49 AMID: 702972
I simply added noreply@experts-exchange.com to my Barracuda block list.  This fixed the problem.