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Adding an Ask button

Hi everyone -

As part of our Q1 objectives, we are going to introduce changes to our navigation structure that make it easier to use our site. We plan on adding an "Ask" button. I know, I know...it used to be like that... :-)

Would you rather see this button before our other navigation changes or would you rather wait for the navigation overhaul. the entire navigation overhaul will not occur until March.

If there is support of this change, we will get it out sooner.

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Nick672015-02-17 12:35 PMID: 145330
I'd use it, but it's broken on IE 11 on Win7 Pro
Not the button, but the wizard.
I can put in a title, but that's it
The cursor refuses to stay in the Tags line and eventually the browser tab bites the dust.

I've tried three times now to create
Unexpected run-time error '-2147352567(80020009) MS Access VBA form error
No Joy.
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Netminder2015-02-17 01:10 PMID: 145332

I'm using Win7 Home Premium, but IE 11 works fine... Can you post a screen shot?

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Nick672015-02-17 01:31 PMID: 145343
It worked in Chrome, but not IE 11.
Now it seems happy in IE 11 as well.
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John2015-02-17 05:21 PMID: 145369
The Ask button appears to be working on my Windows 7 Pro 64-bit machine and my Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit. I can set up the Ask and go most of the way. I have nothing to ask, so cannot actually submit.
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Haha...  Muscle memory keeps making me click the "Ask" button when I meant to click "Solve".

Author Comment

Brad Rubin2015-02-18 09:25 PMID: 145568
After day 1, it looks like we improved question conversion rate by approximately 20%. Adding the Ask button and suggesting tags based on content seemed to have helped. We will keep you all posted as we get more data over the coming weeks. Hopefully, you all have more questions to answer very soon.