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Differentiate Group Notification emails (Please!)

My email runneth over with:

An Expert Comment has been posted: (to a discussion I started in this group)

This is EXACTLY the same subject format as a comment on a Question, and I would so dearly love it to be different. With easy to see differences in subject lines email rules are easily implemented.
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PortletPaul2014-11-13 10:30 PMID: 133410
thank you
I had a plan to change that avatar more frequently but haven't. It's an "embossed" filter in a graphics package I use (Photobrush)
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Merete2014-11-14 01:50 AMID: 133491
PortelPaul thanks for the headsup on the filter I guessed it may have been something like that,
I do have an embossed filter in my paintshop pro and Paint Net but when using it on my avatar real life photo it goes grey.
Don't have the Photobrush
I could do an oil painting  ;)
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DcpKing2014-11-14 04:26 AMID: 133513
Once you've turned it into an embossing you still have to colour it, Merete. Look at PortletPaul's avatar; there are only 9 areas (including the background). All the background in your photo, for example, might turn into a solid patch of green. Think of doing it in real life using thick acrylic paint.
hth - Mike
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I'm just going to also add, my comment, and say Yes please!
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Alexei Kuznetsov2014-11-18 09:28 AMID: 134418
I'd like to also suggest to separate group notifications in Notifications on the site.
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Brian B2014-11-19 10:30 AMID: 134699
It appears you get two sets of notifications. One based on the fact you have contributed to a group, and another because you are a member of the group. The group membership emails can be set in the group settings on the left side of the browser.