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How is everyone doing? Are you training for a race or marathon? Do you have any cool tips to share?

I just started back to training for my 2nd half marathon. Like I've told you all before, I jog so I can eat. I follow Weight Watchers and track the activity points I earn, which I can use to eat more food. I spend my APs on fun foods like beer, wine (wait that's not food) and BURGERS and FRIES! No I don't eat that every day, I treat myself about once a week after making sure I have the extra APs to enjoy fun stuff and still lose weight that week.

Back to running/jogging: These Top 10 from LifeHacker tips me get started, the ZombiesRun App is really what helped me break out of that "I hate running" mentality. I still can't outrun those zombies! (See my blog post about it here). I love Zombies so much that I participated as a Fast Zombie in the Run for Your Lives 5k in Colorado 2013.

Here are the other tips! Enjoy!
Top 10 Ways to be a better runner

I'm still a 'jogger' :)
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Brian Matis2015-01-23 10:52 AMID: 142456
Great topic, Melly!

I'm excited to be training for my first full-marathon in April! In the past two years, I've done five half-marathons, and decided last year that I really wanted to kick it up a notch. I'm following Hal Higdon's Marathon Novice 1 plan. In the past, I've only loosely followed a training plan, but this time I'm being much more strict since the full 26.2 mile distance is pretty intimidating. Having a well-regarded plan and sticking to it is really helping me feel confident that I'll be able to pull this off.

It's so cool that you've done the Zombie Run! A friend of mine who was a big inspiration for getting me into running in the first place had done one of those and had a blast. Even though I love things with zombies, I haven't done one as I tend to prefer more "pure" running events, but perhaps I'll try it one of these days ;-)