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Should we bring back Expertise Levels with author of question

I often see a bit of confusion on behalf of the asker with a new asked question,
reading through unresolved suggestions lets say after a few suggestions I may hop in with a couple of pictures and now the asker understands  and then I notice a similar suggestion was there before but no illustration.
The responses can be quite technical as well and just confuse the asker.
Back in the old Experts Exchange under the name of the asker was the expertise level, this always helped me lot to know how to answer giving that member the best .
If they are a novice we can post lots of details/pictures.
Not everyone understands the jargon and needs more or less.
Example here Joe had mentioned msconfig which I also missed.
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COBOLdinosaur2015-01-24 11:27 AMID: 142596
It has been my experience that any evaluation that the user makes of their own skill level is not reliable.  I generally look at the profile and question history which seems to give me some help, but in the end it generally comes just from interaction with the user, and mistakes are common.  

I am not sure that there is a solution to the problem short of simply asking the user about their skill level; but that can sometime evoke a negative response because the user thinks you are questioning their ability.

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John2015-01-24 11:29 AMID: 142598
I can usually figure out if the asker knows enough to field the question by the overall wording of the question.
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Netminder2015-01-24 11:48 AMID: 142600
that can sometime evoke a negative response
So we now have three bad alternatives, none of which gets the Experts the information they need... *grin*

because the user thinks you are questioning their ability
And not only ARE you questioning their ability -- but you're entirely justified in doing so. Demeaning it? no. But questioning it? Absolutely.

It would be wonderful if each person who asks a question was able to do an honest self-evaluation -- but saying "I don't know squat about this subject" calls into question all kinds of other attributes ("when did you stop beating your kids", "did you cheat on your taxes", and "why do you own a computer in the first place").

As with learning how to appropriately do any task, determining how to best respond to someone else comes only with experience and the insights one gains from that. The prospect of all of us depending on the candor and honesty of someone who by definition has a problem s/he cannot solve is downright scary.

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Nick672015-01-26 12:15 PMID: 142759
Like &Cd said, I'll have a look at their profile & history.
I've posted elsewhere about my wishlist of changes.
On there somewhere, but very far down, would be some UI to make it speedier to see join date, asked/answered/accepted and all that jazz without having to load a different page.

Some Askers are just pissy.  They want, as my boss says, a USB up their butt to download the shizz that's on their minds.
And they aren't happy when shizz doesn't materialize magically. No help for that.
My resolution for 2015 was to actually ask some questions, because I need to, I've built up some capital, and to get a feel for the UI for Askers
So I've had a few of those :D moments where I ask the folks who are helping me to take a gander at my profile.
There'd be nothing wrong with displaying some of the pertinent info about the Asker of a question at the bottom of the initial post.

Text is very poor at conveying tone.
The odd smilie :) ;) :D is about trying not to be misunderstood.
But the heart of EE is discussion.  There's not much help for some repartee to feel out what each poster to a Q is bringing to the table.

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Jon Scriven2015-02-06 09:22 AMID: 143903
Unfortunately because of the competition for points, the first answer is normally going to be brief as the time taken to write an in-depth answer might mean you are trumped to the points by someone else - assuming that points are awarded to the first correct answer.  I am guilty of this, but will normally follow up with a more considered / detailed post to be sure that what I am suggesting has been understood.  Probably not ideal, but again - the nature of the beast! :-)
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Nick672015-02-06 10:01 AMID: 143907
And, I don't know that anything will be as informative as the repartee between posters.
I am working on a 'picture-window' ASP.Net view of data created in MS Access and stored in SQL Server at the moment.
ASP.Net is very new to me.  SQL and VBA are where I make my bones--but there's going to be no simple way to convey what holes my ASP.Net knowledge has and what parts are very much old hat.

And somebody who makes their bones in ASP.Net, but knows nothing of MS Access isn't necessarily going to realize how much of their general toolset I already possess.  It'd be really nice to capture complexity with a simple UI--but it doesn't happen very often.