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Live Webinar with our CEO: Brian Clausen:: Get an inside view into our plans for 2015!

Presented by Brian Clausen
CEO, Experts Exchange
Wednesday, February 11, 2015
10:00 a.m. PDT (GMT-8)

Join Experts Exchange CEO, Brian Clausen, for a webinar presentation in which he will review the updates made to the community in 2014, as well as share our 2015 product roadmap.

The webinar will review the following feature upgrades planned for 2015:
Mobile application (Android and iPhone)
API's so that members can build tools to use content on the site
A better loyalty program for experts, with additional, more valuable incentives
Improved participation tools, including: article authorship, page editing, moderation, and video uploading tools

To learn about these features and more, be sure to register for the webinar by February 11, 2015.
Register here:
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Netminder2015-01-25 08:50 AMID: 142665
SLO = San Luis Obispo, CA, where EE's offices are.
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Gareth Gudger2015-01-25 12:37 PMID: 142677

I love my Windows Phone.

Windows is definitely gaining some market share. But Android and iOS Apps and no Windows App seems to be commonplace everywhere. I think that will change as market share keeps increasing.

I've heard quite a few people say that iOS UI feels dated and bland compared to Windows.
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Uni Kitty2015-01-25 07:43 PMID: 142691
Yes, be sure to register even if you can't make it because you will get the recording afterwards. Watch it at your leisure and note any questions you have and send them to Brian.
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Gene Richardson2015-01-27 01:46 PMID: 142889
Actually, development for Windows Mobile was absolutely on our roadmap for deployment.  However, we are using Appcelerator for our mobile development.  They have not released their Windows mobile support yet and actually missed their Q4 date.  As soon as they release support for it, we will be able to test our code and deploy a Windows Mobile app for EE.  It should not be a huge effort other than any specific OS level functions we use for each platform.
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Gustav Brock2015-01-27 02:21 PMID: 142895
Thanks, looking forward.
And now Appcelerator can create a true Windows 10 app.

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Gareth Gudger2015-01-28 05:03 PMID: 143015
Appcelerator needs to develop code for Windows HoloLens too. I want to answer EE questions with my HoloLens on.