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"Unmonitor" button

Anybody know what happened to the "unmonitor" option? Has it been moved somewhere and i'm just missing it, or has it been removed?

There are scenarios when somebody hijacks a question that I was participating in and i lose interest in it. Unmonitor allowed me to write it off as a bad job and stop getting emails/notifications about the question.

Not being able to do that anymore is a tad annoying.
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Nick672015-01-26 01:10 PMID: 142770
I always describe troubleshooting operations as occurring in a volume with three axes.
On one axis: cost, from free to pointlessly expensive
Another: hassle, from simply executed to stupidly difficult.
The third: probable success, from certain to infinitely unlikely

You start at the origin of free, simple and certain and work outward to expensive, difficult and unlikely.
Most folks are onboard.
Some people think it is bright to muck in the registry...
Can't say that's an issue in the TA's where I lurk, thankfully.
Because it's usually not a good idea.
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Merete2015-01-26 07:59 PMID: 142790
Go right to the very bottom of the EE page from the question your participating in.
There is a list
 share Facebook -Tweet- G+ -link- email- unmonitor -Print
Internet explorerChrome
chromeEven in our Groups
Groups unmonitorI had zoom out with Chrome in order to show the question base with the unmonitor
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COBOLdinosaur2015-01-27 12:12 PMID: 142875
I understand exactly what John is saying. I insist that the questioner fix errors instead of looking for a hack to patch the hacks that are already screwing things up.  Ignorance can be remedied with education; but stupidity is generally not curable and there is no point wasting time if they are suffering from Dunning-Kruger

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Nick672015-01-27 12:43 PMID: 142877
I'll have to remember Dunning-Kruger.  I've always heard it referred to as some Greek word that I never wrapped my head around.
The idea is easy enough, but as the article and what I've read suggest, we all suffer from it.
Dunning-Kruger is the idea that your accuracy in estimating your own placement on a normal curve of some skill or feature, and your accuracy at assessing the mean value of that curve, is a function of your placement on the curve itself.

Competent people place themselves at a lower percentile than they really are and over-estimate the mean.
Incompetent people place themselves at a higher percentile and under-estimate the mean.
Average folk place themselves and estimate the mean with the best accurately.

I always look out for the bias, and try not to either over-estimate my own competence or underestimate everyone else's, but it's a difficult task.
But you're right. stupidity is generally not curable and there is no point wasting time.
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John2015-01-27 05:44 PMID: 142910
I unmonitored 2 just today. One suggested I was an idiot for the way I work and the other called a good product I use sh--t. I do not need the aggravation. As CD& noted, no point in wasting time on them.

On the other hand another user was very pleased I helped them noodle out the correct way to build a home charger for a small Li-Ion battery pack and how to use current limiting resistors. MUCH better to help people who work with you.
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Gareth Gudger2015-01-28 05:17 PMID: 143027
I agree with John. Monitor works fine in IE11 in 7 and 8 for me as well. It always stays present regardless of where I am on question/group thread.