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Might the group get too big?

This is mostly directed to the group owner, Brad Rubin, but, of course, everyone should feel free to jump in. Brad, when I joined the group just yesterday, I recollect that I was member number 100-and-something. I figured we were headed towards a group with two to three hundred members, but in just one day I see that the figure has grown to more than 500. So, a few questions about group size:

(1) As a matter of curiosity, how many invitations did you send?

(2) Is there any limit to the group size?

(3) Do you have an expectation on its ultimate size?

(4) If the membership becomes very large, how does a post here differ from posting a private, zero-point, Expert Input question in the main board?

(5) I see on the left side an "INVITE MEMBERS" link. Does this mean that any member of the group can invite any EE member to join?

(6) Do you think that discussions may spiral out of control with a practically unmanageable amount of input due to the large membership?

Regards, Joe
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Joe Winograd2014-11-14 03:29 PMID: 133679
Hi Brad,

Thanks for the quick reply. My comments on your comments:

(1) How many is that? Doesn't have to be exact - a ballpark is fine.

(2) Is this true for all groups?

(3) Well, 100,000K is 100 million, so I'm gonna guess you mean 100K. :)  But do you mean 100K in this group or 100K overall in EE with more than 50K points?

(4) Fair enough!

(5) I see the 50K criterion in there but not the active-in-past-12-months one. OK, so even if I send out an invitation to a member who meets the criteria, only you or an Admin (or maybe a Mod) can bring the member into the group. Works for me.

This is a good problem to have and I would rather solve that problem when it happens. :-)
According to my email inbox and onsite bell, it may already be happening. :)

On a side note, you must find a way to improve performance here. It is painfully slow (main board is fine, though).

Regards, Joe

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Brad Rubin2014-11-14 04:43 PMID: 133703

(1) I honestly don't know. I simply gave our team criteria for the invites.
(2) No limit on any group.
(3) I want 100K experts on our site and in our group.
(6) We are trying to fix notifications in the next release

BONUS: We just released a patch to improve performance. We found the issue. All should be working faster (high-five).
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Joe Winograd2014-11-14 07:53 PMID: 133716
> I want 100K experts on our site and in our group.

Would be interesting to see how a group with 100,000 members does. I must say that it wasn't what I had in mind when I thought about groups here.

> We are trying to fix notifications in the next release

Sounds good.

> All should be working faster (high-five).

Yes, indeed! Thanks for the quick fix.
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COBOLdinosaur2014-11-15 11:47 AMID: 133805
The group is already too big to be of any real use with this many members (even though only a small number will post) there will be no focus and without focus it is just a waste of time.  With som many members it is not a group, but rather a herd and like most herds it will just wander around aimlessly looking for good grazing.

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Rob2014-11-15 12:27 PMID: 133808
At least we can chew crud together...
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DrTribos2014-11-15 03:55 PMID: 133823
Joe - I have to say I agree...  

Here is one example of what we can expect

Kind regards,