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What's your favorite emergent technology or technique of 2014?

shutterstock-110678570.jpgWhat new techniques or technologies have you begun learning and/or using this year that you feel have either made your job easier, or have simply changed the way you approach web development.
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Alexandre Simões2014-11-13 12:19 PMID: 133105
For me was, without a doubt, AngularJS.

Getting rid of all the jQuery selectors madness in a organized way simply stroke me hard.
I was already looking at alternatives to better organize my client-side code.
Everything goes well on small/medium sized apps but on big web apps, with a lot of javascript you need something else.

RequireJS brought the module concept to the spotlight.
KnockoutJS the dual-binding between model and UI controls.
Backbone being the first broadly used kind of MV* framework.

AngularJS kind of grouped them all and still added Routing and a kind of preview to the WebComponents Custom Elements functionality.

It's not perfect but it's certainly great :)

My 2 cents,
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Rob2014-11-13 02:32 PMID: 133184
I've recently jumped on the MV* bandwagon and it's certainly made my life easier.  I have a habit of picking the wrong frameworks e.g. mootools over jQuery *laughing*

Not from 2014 but I have picked up a project this year based on CakePHP and knockoutjs and couldn't believe how much easier it was to have the View separated from the JS Model with knockout without affecting the jQuery code I had in place.  And as for the backend well I found it all relatively straight forward and easier to follow the logic and flow of the previous programmer.

Been meaning to try out AngularJS. Certainly looks where things are going.
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Jason C. Levine2014-11-19 03:35 PMID: 134777
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Rob2014-11-19 04:39 PMID: 134791
LOL ok.... node.js too. That's the problem with all these frameworks.

I'll ask the question: how do you one which one to choose? What process do you follow in choosing one?
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Rob2014-12-29 03:45 PMID: 139733
Jason,  I'm trying to get my head around Node and you may be able to explain it better over here: http://www.experts-exchange.com/groups/The-Web-Dev-Network/D_183-Node-js.html

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Hello, I'm using now Angular JS, Faces, CDI, JBoss, all are Ok, but really I think that Bootstrap is perhaps one of goals of 2014 year... Is very interesting the idea of be compiled and simplify the use of several options encoded into the name of the class style, reason for must be generated with a compiler that make all combinations as necessary. Enjoy!