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Might the group get too big?

Hi All,

First post to the group.  Like most people I did not search before posting...  This topic might already be covered...

I'm not trying to hi-jack Joe's discussion , but instead make a point... with so many members in a group there will be a LOT of duplication...

I deliberately used a title that was the same as that used by Joe to see if EE was smart enough to detect the duplicate...

duplication = disaster

Brad, with respect, I disagree that too many users is a good problem to have.

Kind regards,
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Netminder2014-11-15 08:36 PMID: 133899
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FishMonger2014-11-15 08:46 PMID: 133902
Merete, your email client appears to be  parsing the body of the email and adjusting the subject line.  I won't have access to our server logs until tomorrow to see if my client is doing the same, but according to the headers that the client is showing me this is what I receive.

Message-ID: <576116434.435.1416101339458.JavaMail.root@cron.prod.us-east-1a.aws.redsrci.com>
Subject: Group Discussion Added: Experts Exchange Community Experts
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-ASG-Orig-Subj: Group Discussion Added: Experts Exchange Community Experts
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8

So, as you see, it doesn't include the discussion subject.

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Brad Rubin2014-11-16 09:30 AMID: 133967
Hi -

I would just like to share that Groups can be whatever the community wants them to be. You can have a large group or small group. You can talk about focused things or unfocused things. You can make them Public or Private and you can make them your own. My point in previous discussions, and in this one, is that Groups are a great new feature that allows people to interact and network in different ways. It is up to the community to use them how they see fit.

For the Experts Group specifically, it is a way for EE to share items with our experts and get immediate feedback. In the future, I plan on sharing initiatives, ideas for new products and using this group as a forum to hear feedback. Additionally, we will use it for other things that seem appropriate. Anyone who is part of the group and wants to also communicate with other Experts are free to do so.

So far, the response to Groups has been very positive from our community. I hope everyone finds value in the feature and uses it in ways to make their experience on EE more enjoyable.
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Joe Winograd2014-11-16 03:35 PMID: 134010
> Like most people I did not search before posting...

Raises a very interesting point — search! One reason you didn't search for a similar discussion before posting is because — you can't! :)  Well, maybe it can be done with Advanced Search (don't know — didn't try it), but I selected Search Groups from the search drop-down:

Search drop-down
But it seems that what it does is search for members. I was expecting a search for "group too big" to find this thread and mine of the same Title, but here's what I got:

Search Groups
Is this a bug or feature? Regards, Joe
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Merete2014-11-16 04:01 PMID: 134012
I use the Discussion link or simply use the notifications on the right.
Maybe the number of discussions could be added to the end.
DiscussionMust be a nightmare for the programmer on EE trying to fit the EE windows across different sized screens in different devices,
Regards Merete
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DrTribos2014-11-16 04:29 PMID: 134021
Joe - I searched 'Topics' for "Group Too Big", not much luck there either.

Brad - I appreciate the groups, I do...  I think there are a few issues to sort out and I don't pretend to have the solutions.