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"Deeper Tools" for questioning and answering

Those who know me will recognize that I use sqlfiddle.com (a lot!)

This particular tool is exceptionally useful to me as it covers a wide range of sql compliant databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostGres, more)

It is also exceptionally useful for turning "sample data" into tables (see below)
EE Question to Tables to Solution ABC
Imagine what it would be like if questioners had inbuilt capabilities to easily supply sample data that we can interact with?

Or what it would be like trying to answer a PHP/Query question if both the dbms and php was available to demonstrate with?

There are online tools for other technologies (PHP, Javascript and much more) of which I only know a few. e.g.

What external tools do you use that you would love to see at EE?
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PortletPaul2015-02-10 10:17 PMID: 144363
and thus I have requested membership

but remember, it all starts with the dbms :)

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Rob Jurd2015-02-10 11:06 PMID: 144364
Membership granted :)
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Mike Eghtebas2015-02-11 12:00 AMID: 144383
Great idea. Great input. I guess EE can add (if one doesn't already exists) a button or tab for EE tool-links like this.

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ste5an2015-02-11 12:49 AMID: 144397
Well, a source code formatter and syntax checker would be nice.. and maybe using Geshi for syntax-highlighting.
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Uni Kitty2015-02-11 10:23 AMID: 144587
Awesome visuals Paul! I love this idea!
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HainKurt2015-02-13 11:04 AMID: 144856
i use jsfiddle alot... to solve web/html/jquery and all kinds of web related issues...