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What conferences have you spoken/presented at?

So we had a discussion on what conferences folks were attending this year. What a great way to connect in person right?

But this got me thinking. Just how awesome are our experts? So now I have to ask.

What conferences are you presenting/speaking this year?

Or, what conferences have you spoken/presented in the past?

Doesn't matter how small. Could even be a small users groups for your favorite technology.

Maybe we can even convince E-E to promote our speakers/presenters and their conference/user group on their social networks,

Personally, I have never spoken at a conference. Maybe one day. ;)
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Come to this...


Or Organise one!

Many, normally about VMware!

VMUG! (VMware User Groups), or generally lurking around University Campus!
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Ryan McCauley2015-02-12 07:29 AMID: 144713
I've spoken at the local SQL Saturday event (put on by our chapter of Professional Association of SQL Server Users, but an event that's organized all around the world by the respective local chapters) for the past 3 years, and I'm doing two sessions at this year's event in a few weeks. It's a good size event (maybe 400 local professionals) and the sessions are 10-40 people each, but I've always enjoyed connecting with others and learning what other companies are doing to take on the same challenges we're facing.

I've always enjoyed speaking to the groups, and once I did a lightning 15 minute session to dip my toes in, I was hooked!
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Gareth Gudger2015-02-12 07:30 AMID: 144714
Nice Ryan!
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Jim Horn2015-02-12 08:34 AMID: 144717
SQL Saturday #238 2013, taught how to spin up a million sample people, based on this article.   Also helped EE with being a sponsor at that event.

Will likely present this year on a SSIS or SQL Server topic.
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Robert_Turner2015-02-13 05:37 AMID: 144836
Last year I spoke on panel of 4 to a room full of Marketers for a Spiceworks unplugged event, I also did a quick 10 minute presentation on a hosted SIP solution I deployed for a small business at their Spiceworld event.

I've done talks at small networking events in the past, but more recently the most difficult talk was a talk to my own peers in the IT Dept in regards to wireless expansion project, going over the objectives, challenges and how we went about it.
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Ted Bouskill2015-02-15 10:38 AMID: 145056
In the fall of 2013 I was did a presentation on "Emerging Threats in Online Gaming" for the Canadian Association of Threat Assessment Professionals.  In the early 90's I used to do a lot of presentations for AutoCAD User Groups with groups from 50 to 200 people quite often.  I love doing presentations.