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Favorite Exchange Quotes

Can't remember who said this. I am thinking it was one of the speakers at TechEd years past. It went something along the lines of.

"If you meet someone who is really good at Exchange Disaster Recovery that is probably a bad thing."

Their point being. If you are doing Exchange disaster recovery that often you probably need to build a better Exchange environment.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)2014-11-16 02:55 AMID: 133952
I cannot find the exact quote, but from Exchange 2003 days it was something like "Friends don't let friends do brick level backups".

The point being said is that brick level backups are slow, inefficient and close to useless.

My favourite one though is "There are seldom technical solutions to behavioural problems".

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Gareth Gudger2014-11-16 05:46 AMID: 133959

Just thought of another one. Again paraphrasing. If I had to guess it was from either Ian McLean or Orin Thomas' certification books for Server 2008.

Went something along the lines of,

"The measure of a great network administrator is there level of paranoia."

In summary, what can go wrong will go wrong.