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The EE's Cable Guy version

NOTE: Cable Guy

That moment when you start answering a question and then you realize that's one of the member with a million questions on his head and 1 hour later you didn't even answered to half of his questions.

I'm not complaining but want to know if it also happened with you too?
I know few EE's members that fits in the profile :)
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840 Million and counting for Healtcare.gov?

"Warm Bodies" are common in the contracting world.
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Nick672015-02-19 10:15 AMID: 145646
I am not and would NEVER be government. Yes, they hire mediocre and incapable people and keep. them.
You missed it John.
IBM is doing the national health information job and EDS did the gun registry.
They aren't government.
They are two of the largest IT Consulting firms on the planet.
I know of a Canadian top 50 company that tried first to move their payroll to an MS product and then to ADP.
Millions of dollars spent.
2 years in, still doesn't work right.
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Craig Beck2015-02-19 10:17 AMID: 145647
@John.  Me too.  Unfortunately though I wasn't the decision maker at the time.  Quite often the nontechnical manager would like the candidate but I wouldn't.  I'd have to put them through a technical test to prove my concerns.  Sometimes I'd just flat refuse to even entertain them at all.

@Nick67 - you're bang on :-)

I worked with a MCSE who didn't know where to put a graphics card in a PC.  I thought... "OK, maybe not his thing", but when he couldn't create a bootable CD from an ISO (which was bootable already) to install a server OS I drew the line.  He obviously had no hands-on, ever.

Speaking of Exchange, I worked with a guy who aced the Exchange 2010 exams without ever even installing the product.  He could talk for hours about Exchange but put a server in front of him and he would sweat for hours before admitting he was clueless.
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Nick672015-02-19 10:38 AMID: 145648
He could talk for hours about Exchange but put a server in front of him and he would sweat for hours before admitting he was clueless.
I've done a lot of sweating.
The first outfit I worked for took third-party jobs from damn near everywhere.
I worked on everything from a desktop in a farmhouse to CIBC's OS/2 servers in the vault.
I had phone support, a logical mind, memory -- and this was pre-Google -- a long list of bookmarks.
It didn't take me hours to admit I was clueless; I knew it off the nose.
And I let everyone know it off the bat, too.  No point pretending you're something you're not.

But I fixed Win95/98/NT/2000/XP boxes and NT, AS400, Linux, SCOUnix, and OS/2 servers.
I fixed printers and bank machines, terminals and debit machines.
I fixed all the crap at Walmart.
I drew the line at Apple's junk.  The whole UI was arse-over-teakettle from everything else and I had no intention of unlearning everything I knew just to get comfortable with what was a very niche product (still is in the desktop world)
Let's not talk about encountering Apple servers.

But I could learn
And the logic of almost all of it had some of the same paradigms, so what you knew could be applicable to what you didn't.
Tweaking modem ini files in Vi is not intuitive -- but with the right guy on the other end of the phone, it could get done.
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John2015-02-19 02:11 PMID: 145675
Have you heard of Least Effective Performance Analysis?  I use this and can spot bad apples a mile away.
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PortletPaul2015-02-19 07:55 PMID: 145715
I don't know about "cable guy", but I have seen this sequence style more than once

asker: greetings, can you [create|fix|do both] this?

gm1: sure, here's 15 links
ta: more information please (sample data, expected result ...)
exp2: try, this guess
exp3: there are 4 methods discussed in theorem A, here are samples, but your design is flawed

asker: yes I tried that but it didn't work
   unstated: was using seventh link by gm1
exp2: then do that instead of this
throng: a few more comments in no particular order

asker: it didn't work, there's an error
   unstated: was trying link 12 by gm1
ta: please provide the error message
throng: a few more comments in no particular order
exp2: oh you probably forgot the comma

exp7: All that's rubbish, there is onnnnly the best way (mine)
      do it like this ............

asker: that didn't help
   unstated: was using link 3 by gm1
ta: what was the error, can you supply the full query you are using.
exp2: did you try with the comma?

asker: still no improvement, the error is "err101: must contain select at line 1"
ta: which of the 27 variant queries
    in the flat but multi-threaded discussion above
    did you use that caused that message,
    can you post that query in full pl
asker: here it is
   unstated: (257 lines of unformatted sql, that does not align in lines to line reference in the error)
ta: here's how to use a code block
ta: try this
   unstated: build unit test with sample data, runs code, formats it


asker: grumble, grade c
asker: grumble

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