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Group Discussion Changes

1. Would suggest adding a "Auto monitor new discussions" feature or the ability to set what I want to happen on new comments.

Right now, I can be notified of any new discussions, but I need to view the discussion, then decide if I want to monitor or not to be notified of new comments.  Potentially, there may be some groups where I want to monitor every new discussion and every comment made.  So this would be coming at it from the reverse; tell me everything unless I ask to un-monitor.

2. In the Discussion list, Date/Time of last activity on a discussion.

3.  Be able to sort the discussions by name or by last activity.

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John2015-02-24 05:43 AMID: 146228
Interesting idea (Groups only, not Q&A threads). I see the bell icon go red, read and click on Monitor. So I see your point.
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)2015-02-24 05:50 AMID: 146229
one more:

4. An "Auto Join" or "Auto Invite" feature for groups like this one.  This group reads that anyone that has 50,000 points can join; should that not be automatic?  How do I even become aware that this group exists and that I am eligible to join without reading through every possible group.

 How about a group for every EE member, a group for Experts (anyone with a solved question), groups for the TA's, etc.  

 I would give groups the ability to do this based off a saved search.

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John2015-02-24 07:06 AMID: 146231
I just got a Group Discussion Added email. My recollection of this new function is that I need to specifically Monitor the question anyway.