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New Cloud Topic, Virtualization has migrated, and Bounty Board has exclusive high points in this area

Virtual Experts!

Along with the release of Groups, we also restructured some of the topic areas and added new ones, making it easier for members to locate information related to Cloud Computing & Virtualization and Mobile. Members will now be able to see a new Cloud Topic name with these topics one click under.

Why did we do this?
- The Experts Exchange Community is trending growth in these areas, we want to showcase that.
- Less clicks to find Cloud and Mobile technology topics.
- Added new topics for IT Professionals: AWS, Azure, Hyper-V, Google Apps
- Added new topics for Mobile engineers: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
- VMware topic area is hot, so we moved it under Cloud with 18K solutions and growing.

We thought we’d have some fun with this and update the Bounty Board with ideas for Experts to submit new content related to our new and trending topic areas and receive a special gift and a large Points Award. All claims must be completed by December 20th to earn the special Bounty.

If you’re not quite ready to add content to these areas, but you know someone who’d be a great contributor expert here it’s also a fantastic time to gain your own rewards using our referral discount program.  Invite new experts to our site.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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