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Real People for the Expert Page - Videos and Photos

We want to show the real people that power Experts Exchange. We're opening a fun contest to gather videos and photos from our Experts.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to help us share your stories with our community. We’re looking for video recordings of our experts talking about why they participate on our site.

We also would like to gather photos of you in your real world environments, like at a client site or in a data center, or office. Be creative!

We will award an Amazon gift card to the folks whose video clips and photos are selected to be on the Expert Page.  Selections will be based on the following.

1. Clear, high quality footage and easy to hear you speaking.
2. Creativity.
3. Powerful message that conveys the value of our community.

1. Creativity
2. Clear and good quality.

Questions to inspire your ideas:

Why do you participate as an Expert at Experts Exchange?
What was your aha moment that turned you into a participating Expert?
Which Expert do you most admire and why?
What was the best comment you received from a member?
What's the craziest technology problem you helped solve for a member and how did that make you feel?

These are just samples of ideas, feel free to use your own examples and ideas.


How to Submit Videos
To submit videos, you should follow the process below:

1. Create a Dropbox account, if you don’t have one already, at https://www.dropbox.com/"[/step] [step="2" title="Send mspatola@e-e.com your name and the email address associated with your Dropbox account

3. mspatola@e-e.com will invite you to a shared Dropbox folder

4. When you have completed your video, upload it to the Experts Exchange shared folder, and send a notification to mspatola@e-e.com

How to Submit Photos
Email to mspatola@e-e.com
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Rank: Master

Author Comment

Uni Kitty2015-03-10 04:11 PMID: 148137
Yes Google drive will work too.
Rank: Elite

Expert Comment

I'm sure I can probably get some to you.....
Rank: Genius

Expert Comment

_2015-03-11 07:32 PMID: 148274
hmmmm... creative, huh?  I've got an idea or two, for a video.
What kind of file size, or run time limit?
Rank: Master

Author Comment

Uni Kitty2015-03-12 11:02 AMID: 148369
Hi Coral. MP4 format, and I'd suggest about 5 minutes, but it's up to you and your creativity.
Rank: Genius

Expert Comment

_2015-03-12 11:50 AMID: 148376
kewl.   5 minutes should be enough.

now, to find 5 minutes to do it in...    : /
Rank: Master

Expert Comment

Netminder2015-03-12 01:11 PMID: 148385
There's a point at which a comment isn't constructive, so I've deleted it. Personal, immature attacks are completely unnecessary and not particularly helpful.

Senior Admin