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EE Profile Photo

Looking for assistance from the group to rotate a [profile] photo once its been uploaded.  Regardless of the rotation, EE consistently has it sideways.
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Darr2472014-11-18 07:22 AMID: 134364
Is it a JPG?  If so, try rotating it and saving it as a PNG file, then see if EE will accept it in the desired orientation.

(i.e. if EE's not rotating it to Portrait orientation, it could be you're relying on the orientation stored in a JPG file and EE is ignoring that stored info and displaying the original orientation.)

You'd probably get a more-authoritative answer in Community Support (either EE Bugs or General).
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Jan Springer2014-11-18 07:45 AMID: 134372
That did it, thanks Darr247.  I wouldn't have thought that the file format was causing the problem.
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Darr2472014-11-18 07:58 AMID: 134377
You might post about it in EE Bugs, then... even if ignoring the stored orientation info is the intended behavior, a note about that could be included in the interface for uploading profile pics.