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SQL Training

Here's a handy list of SQL training opportunities, feel free to add...

Local Workshops

Two days - Pragmatic Works' Workshops, kind of a traveling road show.  Two days and $400ish is one of the best values around.  

Travel Conventions

For multi-day conferences I've been to PASS Summit and PASS BA Conference.  Both events are full of BI training, and are also excellent for the vendor row, networking, and after-hours parties.  

SQL Saturday is a one-day, 4-5 session free training that appears throughout the world.  I've been to four, presented at one, and convinced EE to be a sponsor at one.  Usually a bunch of prizes are drawn at the end.

There are other events such as TechEd, but I haven't been to one and can't speak to it.

Online Free Stuff

Pragmatic Works has webinars, mostly in BI areas, done by their consultants that are very good.

YouTube has a lot, but I'm noticing a trend where the speaker's presentation skills are mostly lacking.