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Gathering Feedback on the Header Navigation

Hi everyone,

One of the points of feedback, that we've heard since the redesign of the site, was that it's often difficult to find links to the places you want to get to the most. We're hoping to redo our header navigation in an upcoming project to help alleviate some of these pain points. Before we move forward, we were hoping to get feedback that we can use to guide us in our next iteration.

A few items we'd like to understand better are:

1. Which areas of the site do you access most?
2. Which areas do you feel are difficult to find?
3. Which areas are easy to find?
4. What does the current navigation do well?
5. What is frustrating about the current navigation?

Feel free to share if you have any further input outside of these items as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Author Comment

Sina May2014-12-23 12:38 PMID: 139290
So we've tried to capture all of the feedback we've gotten in this thread to identify considerations for updates to the header and footer in the next year:

Current headings of "Solve", "Learn", "Network" and "Contribute" don't lend themselves to quickly finding the appropriate sub links (e.g. Ask a Question, Answer a Question, etc.)
Sub link text and hover text could provide more direct information through better wording and use of hover text
Menu and drawer opening and closure actions should be reviewed for usability
Accessing your contributions and recently active areas should be very prominent
All links should allow a user to open them in a new window / tab
The new notification and message UI should be reviewed
The unread and read notifications and messages design should be reviewed
Quick access to Member Rank for experts would be appreciated
Access to the footer and the links within it are difficult on longer pages
The page tools bar (sharing links, monitoring, email, etc.) is easy to miss

We've also noted the feedback on the search results pages, emails, etc. but we would like to wait to discuss those further at another time. Let me know if any of these items feel off base or we've missed any important points.
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Expert Comment

HainKurt2014-12-23 12:43 PMID: 139291
I always wanted to get this report from EE, profile - graphs:

I should be able to select

- start date (default start of current month)
- end date (default null or current date)
- group by (default weekly, but we can select daily, monthly, yearly)
- or if a group by selected instead of start & end date, it can be last x day/weeks/months/years
- select main areas (or all by default)

and it shows us how many points we got between those dates grouped by our selection... is it too difficult? dont think so :)

for example i want to see this:

how many points i got each week in database areas last 7 weeks...


how many points i got every month last 6 months in all areas...
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HainKurt2014-12-23 12:49 PMID: 139292
and also, one more thing... please check all your data grids (like search results and use the space properly)
some columns do not need any space (like points, max 60 px, comments - just a number, 20px is enough)

for example when we look at search results "/searchResults.jsp" topic column width is not enough and it is wrapped all the time, whereas comment column is wasting lots of space here...

+ just a tiny thing: i want to see time part on date column like "2014-12-23 20:36" or  "2014-12-23 08:36 PM" instead of just "2014-12-23"
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Expert Comment

PatHartman2014-12-23 01:28 PMID: 139294
I would also like to see some new stats.  They can be public or private.  

Accept + Assist / threads participated in  to get a percentage of how many posts you solve that you participate in.

and also

Post count / Accept + Assist  to get an average of how many posts it took to answer a question.
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HainKurt2014-12-23 01:53 PMID: 139295
+1 PatHartman

in the graph/report i mentioned above, we should be able to see the

- total points
- average points per question
- total accepted
- total assisted
- total post
- average post
- maybe pt per post :) too fancy i guess...

per group + grand total for all

for example:

I selected "show me stats for last 3 months on database areas"

Month Participated Post Point Accepted Assisted AvgPoint AvgPost Efficiency
----- ------------ ---- ----- -------- -------- -------- ------- ----------
Oct             20   50 20000       10        5     1333    2.50        20% 
Nov             30   40 40000       12        5     2352    1.33        50%
Dec              8   10 12000        6        2     1500    1.25        60% 
----- ------------ ---- ----- -------- -------- -------- ------- ----------
TOTAL           58  100 72000       28       12     1894    1.72        36%

Open in new window


efficiency = (Earned pints / max possible points) x 100
efficiency = (# of posts accepted or assisted / total posts) x 100

and this table data can be presented with chart/bar/pies also...

am I dreaming....
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Expert Comment

Gary2014-12-23 05:14 PMID: 139312
Everything Paul does is exactly the way I work
I've already put a bug in about the notifications just not working properly as well

I also use the History tab of Askers quite often, and I find it very frustrating to have to then also use “View Classic Activity Lists”
As do I very often, there are two tabs there that are pointless - never looked at them (except once) - Graphs and Network
If you moved the Edit Member and Report Profile up and away, and removed those tabs, you would have room to add in the question history tabs and room to spare

Though EE seems to have adopted a love for lots of whitespace everywhere!
Like the Hire Me and Message buttons, then underneath that an Edit link - 3 "buttons" creating empty real estate.