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Become a stronger technology professional by solving other user’s issues. Who knows what you will learn next?

Influence the world

Your expertise will be sought by top companies from around the world and used in the advancement of thousands of real products.

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Experience an elevated status in the technology community when thousands of Experts Exchange users recognize you as an industry expert.

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Experts Exchange will promote you as a certified professional to external publications to promote your celebrity and influence.

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  • Joe Winograd

    Experts Exchange Fellow (Inaugural achievement)

    • 52 years in the industry
    • ICCP Certified Computing Professional
    • Computer science specialty, worked in AI
    • Published 80+ articles and videos of instruction on Experts Exchange
    • Over 3,000 problems solved
  • Shaun Vermaak

    Experts Exchange Rookie of the Year

    • 14 years in the industry
    • IBM Certified Solution Designer, Microsoft Certified IT Professional, Microsoft Certified Professional Developer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
    • Certified Ethical Hacker
    • Experience in Active Directory, Security, Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Windows 7, Windows 10, Hardware
    • Over 3000 problems solved
  • Andrew Hancock

    Expert of the Year recipient since 2011

    • 28 years in the industry
    • VMware vExpert
    • ITIL Service Management Foundation
    • VMware and Virtualization Consultant
    • Over 17000 problems solved
  • Vitor Montalvão

    Experts Exchange Veteran Expert in Databases, Microsoft SQL Server

    • 25 years in the industry
    • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
    • Experience in IT Infrastructure, SQL Server, R code
    • Over 4000 problems solved

Applicant Expectations

Knowledgeable and experienced

Provide real-world applications and tips when helping users in order to reach working solutions.

Passion for helping others

Give back to the technology world. Use your expertise to solve critical problems and help others better understand the technologies they use.

Provide the best solutions

Strive to provide thoughtful, quality, and actionable solutions to users.

Be a brand ambassador

Promote the mission of Experts Exchange to be a group that solves the world’s technology problems through collaboration and learning, while maintaining high levels of respect and professional support.

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