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Alexandre Simoes

Microsoft Developer

Lusanne, Switzerland

100% Client Satisfaction

Review by Bakaka

Working with Alex is really great. He is indeed an expert. Thank you Alex for your huge help. Really really appreciate. God bless mate and continue to help others in need.

Kyle Abrahams

Software Developer

Suffolk, Virginia, USA

100% Client Satisfaction

Review by sbartlettcarnac

Highly recommend Kyle! He responded quickly and answered all of my questions in a non-techie way so that I could understand and feel comfortable with his recommendations

Tom Chadaravicius

Senior Application Developer

Plainfield, Illnois, USA

100% Client Satisfaction

Review by Bryan Spann

Tom did what others said could not be done...if you are looking for someone that knows JS/JQuery/PHP this is the individual you want to talk to...I will certainly be back the next time I hit a wall. Thank-You Tom!

The great advantage of Gigs by Experts Exchange is that you can add monetary value on top of the reputation you managed to build throughout the years, all on the same platform.

- Alexandre Simoes (More than 20 years of experience)

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