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    Citrix Netscaler Platinum Advanced Config

    Experienced with XenApp, XenDesktop, and Netscaler, StoreFront, Content Switch, multi-factor authentication; PING, RSA, and others.  HDx and Web Insight, AppFlow, now MAS.  Netscaler is underutilized.  It is often underutilized as a Secure Gateway and nothing more and has too much to offer.  If you agree, and have experience - you want to maintain it.  Across the markets, there are many scenarios where customers simply need someone to fix Netscaler which I've heard anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for a job that took 4 hours.  Netscaler is not going away.  With MAS, consolidation of Director and Command Center to MAS, the continued Master Classes (C rated at best) we have much room for improvement and that means a niche market for those willing to work on weekends or off hours to create a mastery of the product.  I'm looking for people willing to help take Netscaler to the next level where it belongs.


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