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iPhone launches all sorts of ads when trying to read email.

The user has been getting all sorts of advertising popups when reading email on their iPhone 6  with…
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teamviewer alternatives

I use teamviewer the free version, and I like it . but it's too expensive to buy. Which other …

How to Split day and time using angularjs?

How do I separate this "tue-09:00 AM-10:00 AM" in the format Start Time: 9:00 AM End Time: 10.00AM …

Is there a way to get all distribution groups  that user mailbox is member of in O365?

Hi, Is there a way to get all distribution groups  that user mailbox is member of in O365? For…



Wordpress, woocommerce,remove  <ul class="tabs wc-tabs" role="tablist"> section

Hi, running woocommerce for a new site. basically want to get rid of these two highlighted items. …

Help with EXCEL VBA code which checks for valid internet before web query

I'd like to test for a "truly valid" internet connection in VBA before refreshing a web query in …

how to use windows zip utility from a dos command?

Hi Experts, I have the following batch file (CODE) Would like to have for the second file (the …

How can I write 3 blocks of text to the correspondind files when both the blocks of code and the file names are in separate lists

Hello, I have  a list of lists.  The lists in the list of lists are file names.  I use lapply to …

PowerShell script to check the destination file name exist or not and then begin exporting the .PST?

Hi, I need some assistance in fixing the below PowerShell script that can do the export …
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Powershell -- set USER's Active Directory password to NEVER expire ?

I want to set Active Directory USER accounts to "NEVER EXPIRE" if the USER is in a certain …

Please help me export a GridView to Excel and then programmatically save the output to disk.

I need to export the contents of a GridView to Excel. The XLS file needs to be saved to disk …

Critical message found in linux /var/log/messages. What next?

This is using SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 with SP4. We also using checkmk system monitoring software to…

VDI and Certificate access

I'm building a Vmware Virtual Desktop Solution where I have a SSL cert issue. The issue is that I …

Exchange 2016 Unable to Export to PST file via PowerShell Script

Exchange 2016 CU9 DAG 2 Nodes I posted this question before and we never really fixed the problem…

ASP.NET/VB Code Error (BC30183: keyword is not valid as an identifier vb)

I am getting an error: (CODE)


I have linus 17, and I use Firefox, I can not get rid of pop ups and I suspect I have multi virus in…

Can you place an outward facing loop on a CIsco Nexus 9k?

On a Cisco Nexus 9k - if you want to test a WAN circuit with a provider - can you set looks on your …

Error in MySQL Query?

I have this MySQL Query: SELECT * from products where type = 'Industrial' and Appl = 'Sepa' and …
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Sync Azure and On-Prem DB's

We have a database on-Prem which we want it to sync with Azure DB. So all the changes that we do …

Configure VPN from private address

I have an Asus RT-AC68U, it works really well. For a while I've been using the DDNS service and PPTP…

send encrypted email via outlook and have option for recipient to reply back as encrypted. All as an outlook plugin.

END TO END encryption. Looking for 3rd party or digital certificates that allow for end to end …

Microsoft UM service stops working

Running exchange 2016 standard. Not sure when it started, but randomly, the Microsoft UM service …

cost effective image backup software for small business

centralized image creation 3rd party software (or microsoft) with detailed steps. we have …
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