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Recent activity in Database Administration

Angular: UI design suggestions for puzzle program

I am playing with a puzzle program where certain puzzle pieces will have information to share, and …
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storing a select count in a varaiable

In sql server I can store the table count in a variable as follows: Set @Tcount = (SELECT COUNT(1) …

HP Server -- RAID health, etc ?

I have used Dell's FREE OpenManage software multiple times, but never …

Angular & CSS: This method of adding a "dog-ear" looks choppy.

Here i the CSS I use to create the dark corner in the upper-right. (CODE) But It sometimes…

How to create an SSIS package that loops through multiple queries/views for multiple people

I have to create a csv file nightly that captures various data for our patients based on the visit …

Access query, calculate profit margin

In my query I have this: Which results in this: Obviously not correct. How to fix?

Powershell Script Assistance - Additional details required in a PC/Monitor Serial Number Script

Hi All, I have come across a wonderful PS Script that works on my machine, however I need help with…

Call to sys_guid() from dual gives same values over and over

I need to create unique guid id's in Oracle dynamicaly. If I use the command :  select sys_guid() …

List ClusterName, HostName for each VM

In Vmware VM and Templates , I have several folders, and in each folder there are multiple VMs. I …

Oracle 12c  Adding to a working case statement within a view

The code below creates a view TST_tsr3 based on the logic in the code; correctly producing the …
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[Webinar] Why Does Multicloud Storage Matter?

Despite its rising prevalence in the business world, "the cloud" is still misunderstood. Some …

full name split into first and last name

In this code how would I split it out so that it returns the first and last name? SELECT('JIM, …

Oracle left outer join

I have two tables as: Tbl1: Col1 Col2 Col3 Tbl2: Colx Col2 ColFlg select T1.Col3, T2.Colx …

SQL query or SP that combines patient meds, allergies and problems

I need an output file(s) that selects from a single Intake table/template in our EHR from a single …

update records taking several hours in the table.

Hi, We have a production Microsoft SQL Server 2014 - 12.0.2000.8 (X64)   Feb 20 2014 20:04:26   …

Recover Oracle DATABASE with inconsistent backups files.

Hi ,   I am facing a problem and i hope someone might help  me to solve it.   I have this …

Sql script to select data older than 24 hours

Dear All, Please I want an sql script to select all records older than 24 hours

How can i check the date where a tsm schedule was deleted?

Hi everyone:                         i have an important node with client, opt, etc configured and…

PowerShell or .bat code for DCOM settings

I have PowerShell code for setting up WMI on a workstation. It lacks the necessary setting for …
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Adding quotes to SQL SELECT result based on original value

In an SQL SELECT statement, how would I get any value that contains a comma, to surround the entire …

Angular: Why is ngClass not working with my boolean?

I added a class to a div, and verify the booelan's working.  But, the ng-class is failing. (CODE)…

Migrate curent VDI setup

Hi Our current setup is: -One single server (HP DL350G9) as dedicated hyperV host only for VDI …

windows 7 device not picking up bitlocker USB

I have a bitlocker USB device which is not recognised on a windows 7 machine. The same USB port …

SQL Results showing dates before the date criteria

Hi. In the following query result I get dates in the [From] column that are before the date criteria…

get data from web for access database

I need to get data from teachers about the courses they are giving on a particular day. I …
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