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Recent activity in Database Administration

max for a segment

I have a table like this NAME , SegDate, Segment I need to select the records where the latest…
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How to remotely uninstall Software Devices from Windows 10

I have a number of Windows 10 devices that display old printer drivers that we no longer use.  I …

SAN maintenance best practices / checklist

What types of daily/weekly/monthly activities are require to effectively manage a SAN device? I …

Two table data compare

I have two table that I need to compare for data: Table 1                    Table 2 EmpId       …

sql server 2012

hi, i am having one scheduled sp. if i shrink the database scheduled running fastly ( contain while…

How do we deal with arbitration mailboxes to roll back a failed Exchange 2016 install (migration from Exchange 2010)?

We're in the process of migrating from Exchange 2010 to Exchange 2016.  Our Exchange 2016 install on…

i need help for query

$sql="       SELECT s.survey_id AS 'Inspection ID', s.license_number As 'License Number', s.name_pos…

Trying to find 1000 days ago from today

Hello experts, Trying to find 1000 days ago from today using SQL in Oracle. Please let me know do …

How to import a VMware Host's configuration file to a fresh installation?

I have an ESXi host that is running VMware version 6.0 Update 2 and I wish to update it to version …

Creating a query from a table

In Sql server I can create a table dynamically using a select into statement from another table. So …
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Odd RAID behaviour on HP DL380 G6 with multiple controllers

This is really starting to do my head in. My DL380 G6 has 3x RAID controllers. 1x

Copy file from multiple shares to one location v2

Hi EE I had this question answered by oBdA below but I still need a bit of help . …

PHP and form submission

I am trying to get this form submitted to our database.  When the user clicks on a button in  a …

SQL Server

I'm using Dreamweaver cc 2018.  I cannot connect to SQL Server

Shared LUN using clustered shared volume

I have a request to share a LUN with HA. I mapped a LUN to 2 servers. But not sure how to do that.…

Pass LINQ where clause as Parameter

It really is a simple question yet finding so much trouble with Google finding how to do it. After …

Synthetic Full Backup in Veeam

Get-Mailbox -> results (Identity contents <> for same command but <> out statement .

Dear, I want to return all mailboxes where a specific user has fullAccess rights  (btw this is …

MYSQL transfer changes to other server

i have logged the changes recorded in table "A" using triggers in a table log_tbl with the type …
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Design a DB tables

Hi, Well I would like to build a e-commerce site in .net   I stucked in designing the DB tables , …

MS Access: ComboBox is populated via VBA but items won't show

I have a form that contains a subform. In the form I have a search box and a search by combobox. …

Renumber records in FileMaker

Hello. I built a database using FileMaker. In my table, each record has an automatically generated …

how i can do multi show hide in loop jquery

i am doing like page page name is packages it has a javascript code which make …

How can I expand a volume to make use of unallocated space on an SSD?

I migrated an SSD to a larger SSD using Macrium Reflect.   Now there is a large amount of …

Need help to automate some commands from Excel to Powershell

Hello, I have an Excel file with some Powershell scripts that are automatically filed from other…
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