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Recent activity in Database Administration

Problem with the DOUBLE value caused by my regional settings being comma seperated value

I downloaded from the internet. It is an excel sheet able to calculate sunrise and …
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Powershell Send-SmigServerData command as Admin

Hi Guys Powershell Problem. I'm using 'Server Migration Tools' to migrate 'User Personal' data…

Can I make this import go faster in SSIS moving data between two databases on the same server?

We recently upgraded from SQL Server 2012 to 2016 and have noticed it takes longer than we expected …

No connect between two server 2016 over hyper-v-manager. One is core (without gui). How to set up replication with powershell then?

We have to create a replication from server2016 (A)  with gui to server2016 without gui (core) (B). …

a better copy routine (better than xcopy or robocopy)

I recently updated a sync computer batch file from xcopy to robocopy.  This resolved some problems …

Stored Proc taking longer time on upgrade version (SQL 2016)

Hello Guys, We are in process of upgrading one of the SQL Database from 2012 to 2016 version. The…

Fatal error

I am using PDO to create a forum in which I have a file called topic. Php which is pulling data from…

Assigning SAN from EMC

I want to assign a SAN storage to a new host from emc DMX4 and VMAX. can you help me out with the …

How can I parse First, Middle Initial, Last name in Crystal Reports with inconsistent data?

I am trying to parse a Full Name field into First, Last, & Middle Initial in Crystal Reports.  I am …

there is a checkbox based on selection i need to fetch data from back end. there is a creditunits field is there in sql table that having values 0 to 5. in C# i need.

there is a checkbox based on selection i need to fetch data from back end. there is a creditunits …
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SQL Server and Minimum memory requirements

How much physical memory is required for a SQL 2012 database of 10Gigs in size and growing?    …

shell programming - merge 2 files and give desired output

shell programming- sample file is below I have 2 data files data1 1,tom, …

Error on Show databases MySql

Hi Experts, I am not able to view databases using MySQL command line shell. When I enter the …

ETL Extraction

Hi, I am running an ETL process that uses timestamp on the source to determine the changes. We …


I have a SSIS package created in MSSQL.  When the package is executed, it imports data to my SQL …

Powershell: How to match a string in a specific position in text file?

Hello Experts, I am looking for some assistance with searching for a match against a specific …

sql backup files non-default extensions

could a backup of a sql server have an extension .sql, and would there be any benefit in saving …

Azure Powershell Error. Cannont Bind Parameter

Hello Experts, Can someone let me know why I'm getting the error, 'Cannot bind parameter

container extract via ad cmdlet

is there a way via powershell cmdlets to extract users/computers within a container (including any …
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ad password policy fine grained, determining who is subject to which policy

I've ran ad powershell cmds to get a the defaultpasswordpolicy and finegrainedpasswordpolicy …

Sql query with enhancement for where clause

Here is the query which works but need few tweaks (CODE) WHERE  (   DeleteRecord IS NULL  …

Empty Part files are getting created when executing the INSERT INTO SELECT statement in HIVE

There is a partitioned(batch_date is partition)  hive  table(Table 1) with 3 columns and 1 partition

Format date and then convert to string

I am trying to compile a string as part of a select statement in SQL which converts a date time, …

Converting the below Powershell code  into a VBscript

Hi Guys, Can anyone kindly help to convert the below Powershell sentences into a VBscript code?  …

How to Recover Deleted SQL Data with the Help of Best SQL Recovery Software

In this article, we will see two different methods to recover deleted data. The first option will be using the transaction log to identify the operation and restore it in a specified section of the transaction log. The second option is simpler and consists of using a SQL Recovery Software.
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