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Recent activity in Project Management

Why Excel macro crashes in Excel 2010 but not in Excel 2003

Hi Experts! I am (finally!) starting to migrate my various Excel macros to the newer versions of …
[Webinar] Kill tickets & tabs using PowerShell

Are you tired of cycling through the same browser tabs everyday to close the same repetitive tickets? In this webinar JumpCloud will show how you can leverage RESTful APIs to build your own PowerShell modules to kill tickets & tabs using the PowerShell command Invoke-RestMethod.

excel add-in regsitry

Hello experts Is there any way to add to excel add-in using registry or a command line?

Choose selected Item in excel pivot table with EPPlus

I created a class which helps me create a pivot table in excel using epplus the filters have all …

Four Advantages of Custom Software Development

A discussion about four distinct advantages of using a Custom Software Development solution.

OVF file erroring out

I am running into an issue with creating an OVF template on Vsphere 6.5. When I try to export the …

Outlook 2016 can't open Signatures or Stationery and Fonts or other options from Outlook Options.

In Outlook 2016, I can't open Signatures or Stationery and Fonts or other options from Outlook …

RANK with Multiple Criteria

Hi, How do I RANK with multiple criteria, i.e. if a certain column contains A then RANK A      B      C      D      …

Adding a system wide disclaimer to outgoing messages on Office365

Hi, I client of mine has asked me to add a disclaimer on all mailboxes (SAVE one)  in their …

How do I show the difference in times when they are on two different days?

I have two columns with times (see attached file). The issue is that for these records the Time ANP …

Spell check not working in Word

HI, Spell check is not working in Word 2016. All the proofing options look correct in …
Free Tool: Site Down Detector

Helpful to verify reports of your own downtime, or to double check a downed website you are trying to access.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

And/if formula not working - faulty logic on my part suspected!

I've got a nice juicy formula here. So what I want to happen is this..if the entry in the entry in …

Restrict external OWA and autodiscover for Office 365

We have O365 which is just being used to authenticate to Office with ADFS and we have on Exchange …

copy worksheets to specific workbook using VBA

Dear Experts: I would like to copy a specific worksheet from different excel files to one and …

What is Gantt Chart & How to use it?

What is Gantt Chart & How to use it?


Dear Experts, I am having Performance problems in Outlook. Notification: Outlook often crashes …

If a cell matches another cell, select multiple rows and change them to x

I have two sheets. On sheet 1, cell L4 is a value that can be changed by user input. This value is …

Properly Count time in Excel

Hi Fellas, I'm trying to create an Excel workbook that will track the working hours of everyday, and…

Dax formula

Hi Experts... How wpuld you wright a DAX formula to do the following result.. COLUMN A RAG …

Office 365 hyrbid configuration.

Hi All, We’re in a process to push office 365 hybrid configuration wizard to configure Exchange …
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Send Email Code to kill connection

I have this code to send an excel attachment via Outlook.  The workbook itself has data coming in …

Outlook email going to deleted folder

I had a users email account get hacked. He entered his office 365 credentials into a spam email from…

Create macro for automatic userform/treeview creation

I'm looking for an automatic userform/treeview of data as per the attached, compiling layer by layer…

Recommended way for syncing One Note notebooks between local PC and Sharepoint 365?

We are using Office 365 Sharepoint for storing One Note files. The users access these files via a …

Only Display Duplicate Numbers One time

I have a list of numbers, and a lot are repetitive. I'd like to make it so the numbers are displayed…

Office 365 PowerShell command to display all hidden email objects

Please provide me with an Office 365 PowerShell command or script that will display all items hidden…
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