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Recent activity in Project Management

How do I use solver to solve the problem described below? Thanks in advance

Have the attached excel file below and I'm trying to use solver how do I proceed ?? The objective …
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Mail icon does not appear under Control Panel

Error when I click on it Application not found. Office 2016 Pro Windows 10 Pro I have …

I am just starting out with VBA in Excel 2013

My first project is to create a button that will mimic the MS Excel find and find next function in a…

Calculate number of days difference between most recent date and other date based on unique ID

I would like to calculate the difference in number of days  between 2 dates based on unique ID's. …

Jira insights

Hi Could anyone give me info on Jira insights asset management. I am interested to find out where …

Dynamic Dropdown list with Data Validation

Hi Guys i m trying to work on a dynamic Dropdown List with Data Validation but from another …

using datedif & if function to highlight the Ageing defference

I need to combine the datedif & If function in way in which if years = 0, then calculate months & …

VBA to check correct data

Hello Experts, I am looking for a VBA script to check column A_Material Name = column …

Modify Excel AGGREGATE() formula to include dates

Hello, This post is a follow-up to two previous threads located here:

How to count and duplicates and hso wonly unique records in Excel

I need to show a count in cell J the amount of duplicate records in WORK_ORDERS and show ony unique …
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Dropdown arrow doesn't show on one worksheet

This is a hard problem to describe!  I have a spreadsheet with a few worksheets that all have …

I need to arrange numbers in another sequence

have this sequence in sheet DTA need be change to  sequence  in sheet AP

Updating the date and time fields of Excel user form when form saved

My Excel user form has a date and time field that auto-populates when the form is opened. This is to…

Excel - function to find subnet match

Hi guys. I have a worksheet with a list of subnets in a CIDR format, example On…

Trouble compressing a PDF to less than 650 MB

In order to post my book on Amazon, I need the PDF to be less than 650 MB. I found many PNG files …

Outlook 2013 Not displaying incoming emails.

Outlook does not populate the inbox when clicking SEND/RECEIVE emails. BUT, if I click on the SPAM …

Word (Mac): Converting all images to JPG

Word (Mac) 2017: I find the PDF I create is huge and suspect not all images are JPG. How can I…

Suggestion on how to sync data between two spreadsheets

I am after some expert comment and help on whether this approach is reasonable. Following is the …

Need help to automate some commands from Excel to Powershell

Hello, I have an Excel file with some Powershell scripts that are automatically filed from other…
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office 365 exchange 2010

Hello, We are trying to migrate out of our exchange 2010 to office 365.  I have migrated all the …

Office 365

An architectural practice are migrating to Office 365. They want to upload the historic folders for …

Scrum cert

About scrum, just want to learn from you guys it is good for project manager role? The cost is over …

How to apply MacroButton to Graphic Instead of Text

What is the syntax in Word 2010 to attach a macro button to a graphic instead of text? I've …

Populating Excel user form with value from second column of multi-column combobox dropdown

The user form called TimeTracker has a combobox, called cboTask, that has a multi-column dropdown …

Office programs won't save to the root of C:

OK. Most of it is Windows 10 and is by design but I have a user that insists on saving Word and …
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