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Recent activity in Security

Wifi connection on macbook pro lost.

I am writing this from my son's computer, as I have lost my wi-fi connection at my house. How do I …
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External LDAP Certificate Issue

I have a DC with a ldaps (636) and an external nat address through the firewall. it has a self …

What IP camera feature shall I look for have the video stored in NAS?

Hi Experts, I am trying to DIY a home camera surveillance system. I need to figure out what IP …

How to Protect Against Ransomware [ VIDEO]

Let's take a look into the basics of ransomware—how it spreads, how it can hurt us, and why a disaster recovery plan is important.

Downloading employee financial reports from third party company and no green padlock after...

Downloading employee financial reports from third party company and no green padlock after I click …

Is Yahoo PPC advertising better than Google?

Hi I got a spam from Cassi at Exact Data that claimed that Yahoo PPC ads are the next big thing. …

PowerShell or .bat code for DCOM settings

I have PowerShell code for setting up WMI on a workstation. It lacks the necessary setting for …

Can't log on locally

Hello Experts, to satisfy the NIST 800-171 requirement for Dual Authentication for privileged …

Preventing non-root users from changing permission of Unix files (even if they are the owner)

I have this issue where non-root (ie non-priv) UNIX users or even applications could alter or …

How Can I view all Incoming Connections including Failed Ones on Windows 7 and 10?

I want to view all incoming connections to my laptop including the Failed ones! I have setup
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Issuing publishing CRL to file share

Hello Everyone, I am trying to publish CRL to file share location which is on a different server.…

Connecting two ASA5505 back to back

Hi, I connected two asa5505 with a crossover cable to learn site2site vpn, I have these configures …

access control by /etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny

Dear experts, I would like to set access control (IP address) by /etc/hosts.allow and …

The four most popular anonymous tools in Russia's underground BBS

Cyber criminals continue develop new anonymous technology, like viruses mutate constantly, makes the previous vaccine failure, cyber criminals trying to adopt new techniques in anonymous confuse malicious behavior and conceal the true identity, and easy to implement attacks.

Water sprinklers in the server room

So I walked into this newly built server room and see a water sprinklers hanging right on the top of…

Ransomware Defeated

Ransomware - Defeated! Client opened the wrong email and was attacked by Ransomware. I was able to use file recovery utilities to find shadow copies of the encrypted files and make a complete recovery.

protect against ransomware with access policy to limit programs that can write to data files

Greetings, For all the programming and brainpower that goes into protecting systems today, …

DFS Namespace creates error massage for users - file outside of your local network.

Recently I have created new DFS Namspace (in preparation to move users redirected folders to …

Disable MFA for activesync and autodiscover for non-ADFS o365

Hi All We have an o365 environment that doesn't use ADFS but we want to enable MFA to secure our …
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Encryption with Exchange 2013

I have a question in regards to encrypting email. Does exchange 2013 encrypt email when going …

IPSec VPN (on-prem firewalls) vs MPLS

Hello We have an IPSec VPN solution for a small number of sites.  Our users remote into two of the …

Deploying a pair of ACS servers in a cluster

Hi,       Please see the diagram attached for a better idea of the setup. I am planning on …

Recommend intrusion detection/prevention software for Windows Server?

Hi, I support a number of Windows Server 2008 R2 installations for very small businesses.  I'm …

extract certificate from wildcard-cert

Hi Experts, I have bought a wildcard certificate from COMODO. Now I need a certificate for my …

checkpoint IPS drops SFTP sessions

Hi, Enviroment Checkpoint + r77.20 Every time I open a FTP SSL session, IPS drops randomly …
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