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Recent activity in Web Development

how do I reset where a CF Tag file is being pulled from within a cold fusion file?

how do I reset where a CF Tag file is being pulled from within a cold fusion file? debug is …
Take Control of Web Hosting For Your Clients

As a web developer or IT admin, successfully managing multiple client accounts can be challenging. In this webinar we will look at the tools provided by Media Temple and Plesk to make managing your clients’ hosting easier.

Best Location for Virtual Disk files?

I have a Dell PE T330 with the following drive setup: OS - 2-SSD SATA 480GB in RAID1 DATA - 2-SAS …

Chrome slow to load

Chrome slow to load (10 sec at least) since last major Windows update (Feb 2018). Once loaded …

Server 2016 DHCP filling with BAD_ADDRESS

Got a Domain Controller that provides DHCP.  Suddenly about 48 hours ago, a few users reported they …

Setting up a domain across four locations

Note:  All servers are Windows Server 2016.  All firewalls are SonicWALL.  All Workstations are …

No connect between two server 2016 over hyper-v-manager. One is core (without gui). How to set up replication with powershell then?

We have to create a replication from server2016 (A)  with gui to server2016 without gui (core) (B). …

Fatal error

I am using PDO to create a forum in which I have a file called topic. Php which is pulling data from…

Azure Powershell Error. Cannont Bind Parameter

Hello Experts, Can someone let me know why I'm getting the error, 'Cannot bind parameter

IE11 CSS styling issue with select tags

Does anyone know why the font colour of a CSS styled select tag is displaying correctly on all other…

I Just want to know how i will write the JavaScript,

Good Morning, I hope someone will be of great help :) I Just want to know how i will write the…
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

Can't browse to new server from 'some' servers.

I have setup a new server (SERVER01) in azure exactly the same as all other servers in the domain. …

Azure A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument

Hello Experts, I am trying to import the module AzureRM.Profile.psm1. However, I'm getting…

WEb pages getting very dark background on Samsung Tablets. Other devices and desktop OK

Some HTML5 / Bootstap web pages started getting very dark background and unreadable reported by …

Can I add a learn more button to the shop module in Divi?

Hi, on my woocommerce site, using Divi theme shop pages, on the category page, my client wants a  …

Bootstrap list does not render correctly

Why won't the list on this page render as such?  …

Detect Which Application (Web, Mobile or Touch Browser) is Loading Web Page?

If you look at the image, there are shared web pages between the 3 applications, Web, Mobile and …

Can't clear an unstaged file from git/sourcetree

I'm using sourcetree and there is an unstaged file stuck. The file has actually been removed a …

Reinstall windows on DC

I’ve got 3 x 2012 r2 DC, one of them is broken, I want to install 2016 on the broken one and upgrade…

CT FreitRater v 3.0 JSON help

Are there any user's out there familiar with CT FreitRater v 3.0 and interacting with the web …
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Mac using Chrome won't show RDLC report content

Asp.Net Website running RDLC reports using SQL Server data within the web page showing blank only on…

PHP return true / false depending on number of rows.

I am trying to check if a username is already used in tblUsers, but for some reason it returns true,…

looking for some vba coding to replace these characters

after retreiving my data from a webservice, my XML file contains  some control characters like <96> …

How to display One of Three  lines of text on HTML page depending on user version.

I am developing a around 300 HTML web pages that need a version number displayed in the footer. …

Create a single CSV from Multiple JSON Files

Looking for a way to add more than one JSON file to the script, below to produce a single CSV, but …

Troubleshooting CakeEmail

I have a CakePHP application that is using CakeEmail.  When ever an email is getting sent,  I get …
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