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Mike Tomlinson United States
Visual Basic.NET .NET Programming
Michel Plungjan Netherlands
JavaScript AJAX HTML
Jeffrey Kane United States
SBS MS Server OS Exchange
Éric Moreau Canada
.NET Programming Visual Basic.NET
Fernando Soto United States
.NET Programming Visual Basic.NET
Will Szymkowski Canada
Exchange Active Directory
Ryan Chong Singapore
Visual Basic Classic HTML ASP
Martin Liss United States
MS Excel Visual Basic Classic

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President, Smalls Analytics

Live is really handy when I'm on a deadline and want to learn! It's my on-demand backup tech resource with virtually unlimited knowledge.


M, professional

Just knowing Expert-Exchange’s 24/7 Live service is available and has my back makes my life as a consultant much less stressful!



I'm getting my degree online, so I use Live to get educated answers. The consultant I use is so helpful and educates me on how to resolve an issue, and how to best code so that I don't have the issue again.