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Get Real-time Troubleshooting

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Collaborate with experts to quickly solve your tech problems and speed up your development process.

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Connect instantly, or schedule a time that works for you.

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Purchase time with your expert in 15-minute batches (or longer, if needed) to make sure you only pay for what you need. Rates vary by consultant.

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  • Quickly connect with previous contacts and consultants
  • Live chat with your selected consultant
  • Monitor your time and add time as you go
  • Instantly share code on the whiteboard
  • Chat and collaborate with a consultant in real-time today!

Chat and collaborate with a consultant in real-time today!

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  • ...and many more
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Live consultants are online and ready to help you explore and solve your toughest tech questions.

Here’s what our members say about Live:


President, Smalls Analytics

Live is really handy when I'm on a deadline and want to learn! It's my on-demand backup tech resource with virtually unlimited knowledge.


M, professional

Just knowing Expert-Exchange’s 24/7 Live service is available and has my back makes my life as a consultant much less stressful!



I'm getting my degree online, so I use Live to get educated answers. The consultant I use is so helpful and educates me on how to resolve an issue, and how to best code so that I don't have the issue again.

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