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Just for Kicks

Group Owner:Anthony Pangilinan

Because shoes are technology too.

The Lounge

Group Owner:compfixer101

Welcome to the Lounge, A place to kick back and relax, engage in off-topic conversations with fellow experts and Lizards, all where it is acceptable to be politically incorrect, as long as you leave it at the door.


Group Owner:Chris Dent

All about PowerShell, beginner to professional developer.

Linux Users

Group Owner:Brandon Lyon

This is a group for people who use linux based operating systems.

Starting Elite Groups

Group Owner:David L. Hansen

Go to "Looking to join an Elite Group" to become a recruit.

I have a vision of one way to leverage the "Groups" feature.  Although EE's leadership knows about this idea, they are not officially endorsing it (nor are they discouraging it). If it goes well, it could become something they embrace and run with.  
So, here is the idea:

* Top Experts begin their own "Elite Group" (hopefully in the future such groups will be tagged as "Elite Groups" and will only be created if EE gives the expert permission to start one).

* The top experts will use their Elite Groups (EG's) to groom, mentor and guide small clusters of (about 8-15) experts in each EG.

* The EG will be a sort of fraternity where those in the group help the leader and support one-another in their careers, in addition to becoming better experts.

The whole point here is that the EG members benefit, the leader gets some help (and maybe a new rank/perks) and EE benefits by getting better experts (and more of them).

Microsoft MVP Reconnect

Group Owner:Craig Kehler

Discussions pertaining to the Microsoft MVP Reconnect program.


Group Owner:Brian Matis

Whether you're just thinking about taking up running, are in the midst of the Couch to 5K plan, or are a seasoned Ultramarathoner, this is the place for fellow EE members to chat about running. (Because sometimes, you've just got to get away from your computer, right? ;-)

Discuss training plans, chat about gear, share event info, post run reports, and help inspire your fellow runners!

Does question priority matter?

Group Owner:Martin Liss

I's my assumption that most Experts are like me in they totally ignore the Priority of a question when they decide to try to answer one.

Are there statistics available that show the *percent* of questions answered for each priority? If there are and the percents are about the same then I believe that that would prove my assumption, or on the other hand if the percent for High was significantly greater than the other two then I believe that would disprove it.

Question Closing

Group Owner:Mr. Wolfe

Side discussion for closing a thread

Google Apps Resources

Group Owner:Allen Falcon

Google Apps Resources intends to provide a location where Google Apps admins, users, partners, and ISVs can collaborate. Our objective is to help organizations and users get the most out of their Google Apps ecosystem by understanding all of its capabilities as well as how and when third party extensions, add-ons, apps, and systems can fill a need.