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Location: Israel

Experienced IT manager/Systems Architect/ Solutions Architect  with over 20 years in the industry including: administrating Windows Systems for a TCP/IP LAN / WAN covering five continents. Over five years managing a worldwide Lotus Notes mail and database infrastructure.

xymon, nagios and Keynote monitoring. BMC Control-m Infrastructure and starting on Solar Winds  NPM and SAM.
ASP EC2 AWS ...Read more


Location: Houston, Texas, United States

********** RETIRED AS OF 1/1/2012**********

I live in Katy Texas, right on the city limits of Houston. I have been in the IT field professionally for about 11 years now, doing anything from Field Service, to Enterprise support. I have been lucky enough to have been exposed to a very wide variety of computer problems (some more difficult than others), and also managed to fix one or two along ...Read more


Top Certifications: JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, ASP.NET, HTML
Location: Le Gosier, Guadeloupe

11/28/2012 - I earned more than 10 000 000
<< Earn 14 998 185 more points to become a Elite. >>

01/28/2014 - I'm now at the 25th place in the EE Top Experts Overall

12/13/2016 - Less than 10^6 points to become a "Savant" in JavaScript.
JavaScript points: 9,000,149
999,851 more points to become a Savant in JavaScript! • French Native or Bilingual Proficiency • English Elementary Proficiency

Alan Hardisty

Top Certifications: Exchange, SBS, Outlook, Windows Server 2003, iPhone
Location: Beckenham, England, United Kingdom

28+ Years experience within the IT industry starting as a user and then crossing into IT Support back in 1988 when I installed my first Novell Network in Birmingham.  Since then I have switched to Windows Servers and have worked my way through all versions of Windows from 3.0 to Windows 8 and Windows Servers from 5.5 to 2012 as well as Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2013.

The company that I co-...Read more

Scott Fell, EE MVE

Top Certifications: ASP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Web Development
Location: Belvidere, Tennessee, United States

September 2013 Topic Advisor
December 2013 Awarded MVE - Most Valuable Expert
t: @scottfell

---- robrodp ---
An expert is well... an expert

Thx Scott and Experts Exchange of course.

You are worth every penny

 • Developer, Marketing and SEO ...Read more

Davis McCarn

Location: Charlotte Metro area, North Carolina, United States

Beginning in the mid 1960's, I became fascinated with electronics and; because my dad was in computers, they were added to my hobbies.  In 1966 and 67, I was awarded 3rd place in the D.C. regional science fair; the first year for Fundamentals of Electronics and the second for having built a digital computer using knife switches, paperclips, light bulbs, and several hundred feet of wire.

In 197...Read more


Location: Germany

You came along to have a look at my profile, even at my thoughts?  Here they come.

ee is huge, but that does not mean great
Experts are often far from earning that name

Askers are usually very bad at describing their problems. But a proper description is half the solution!
Did you ever make up your mind about the problems of written communication in forums?
No matter what you ask, no matter w...Read more

Jason C. Levine

Location: Los Angeles Area, California, United States

I'm the Vice-President of IT for a company you've never heard of.  • Vice President BSC Management Los Angeles 1993 - Present • UCLA BA Political Science 1989 - 1995 • English Native or Bilingual Proficiency

käµfm³d   👽

Location: United States

I am a full-time father of two, as well as a full-time developer for a state government.

My first experience with a personal computer was in the 4th grade, when I played "Oregon Trail" and "Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego" (don't laugh) on the class' Apple II. At that point I knew I was interested in learning how to make computers "do something." Years passed until my first experience wi...Read more


Location: Springfield, Illinois, United States

I've been asked repeatedly whether I'd be available for paid gigs: nope, sorry. I'm helping here strictly for fun.
If you feel I've helped you immensely and now got that certain itching urge to reciprocate, then by all means, don't hold back, and consider supporting one of these in return (sorted strictly alphabetically, no preference implied):
EFF: https:...Read more