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Chris Dent

Location: St Mary Cray, England, United Kingdom

It's been a long time since I've posted much on Experts Exchange. Having kids does that.

I'm a professional PowerShell developer based in and around London with over 8 years experience in that language alone. I'm also proficient in C#, VBScript, Perl and Python, but PowerShell is my favourite by a wide margin.

I describe myself as being a tool set / module developer (I rarely write script...Read more


Location: United States

I'm really a software developer, but I have always liked figuring out how things work, and would take things apart just to see how they were made.  Most of the time, I could put them back together (well, you can't win them all).

I started out on a Z80 platform coding Sargon II in assembler and am now running all sorts of things on an i7-2600K.  I specialize on the ION platform for fixed inco...Read more

Blue Street Tech

Location: United States

Hi there! If you'd like to *HIRE ME* send an email to:   ee (at) BlueStreetTech (dot) com

Need a specialist to review your security appliance/s, policies & make sure you are actual secure & protected from the latest threats? I can stop Ransomware, Zero-day, Meltdown/Spectre, and File-less threats BEFORE they enter your network!
Security audits or Security Appliance data leakage testing, full p...Read more


Location: Downtown Toronto (Berczy Park), Ontario, Canada

If you want to hire me for your small projects or if you have any paid work or if you want to contact me, you can use --> hainkurt at gmail dot com

If you want to donate something, you are welcome: use paypal account = hkahraman at yahoo dot com

also you can reach me at skype - pashamato • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer • Oracle Certified Expert • Consultant, System Architect Conduen...Read more

Bill Prew

Location: United States

Bob Learned

Location: United States

Microsoft C# MVP, 2007
Microsoft C# MVP, 2008
Microsoft C# MVP, 2009
Microsoft C# MVP, 2010
Microsoft C# MVP, 2011
Microsoft C# MVP, 2012

EMail address:
TheLearnedOne at experts-exchange dot com

I don't answer questions through email that can be answered through Experts-Exchange, so keep that in mind.  

=====...Read more


Location: United Arab Emirates


                acha haina, kuch ban jao gay
                ager main kuch ban gaya to kya hoga.....?
       mujhe khushi hogi....!!


Pete Long

Top Certifications: Cisco, Exchange, Hardware Firewalls, Networking, VPN
Location: Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

                             Technical Consultant


 Im still dropping in at least once a day to see whats going on
 If you need some work doing in the North East of England go

        ...Read more

Brian Pierce

Location: United Kingdom

Real name Brian Pierce. I am a graduate qualified teacher now specialising in Microsoft Professional, Microsoft Office and IT consultancy at a College in Cornwall, UK. I have 25 years prior experience in the IT industry in IT Sytems Management and Training. I hold Post-Graduate Diplomas in Computing and Business Management

Microsoft Certifications: MCP ID 2406127
MCITP Windows 2008 Server ...Read more

Mick Barry

Top Certifications: Java, Editors IDEs, JSP, Java EE, Java App Servers
Location: Australia

* - * - *

In the spirit of the Christmas season I will be answering 25 point questions in the "New to Java" zone all December.

Merry Xmas

* - * - *

I work as a freelance Web developer, and have been providing services remotely to clients from all over the globe for over ten years.

I am the founder of Objects Pty Ltd and also, offering fully managed web ...Read more