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The Shark Tank

Group Owner:Scott Fell, EE MVE

Everybody has ideas for the next big thing.  However, many do not act on those ideas only to find out 3 years later somebody else brought  it to life.   Use this group to help get your great idea off the ground....or get hard advice on some of the possible roadblocks.  

Anonymity & Privacy

Group Owner:Sir Learnalot

Dedicated to sharing knowledge on all things relating to anonymity and electronic privacy. 10/10 Dentists claim that sharing guides and starting discussions is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle! Spread some information, share some news, or come here to learn from others :)

Information Security

Group Owner:Sean Jackson

A more focused group on Information Security questions, problems, solutions, and industry news/buzz.

Web Development Mentors

Group Owner:COBOLdinosaur

A group for top-rated Experts active in the Web Development topics who are interested in growing and improving their topics by helping newer Experts learn how to work toward quality solutions through collaboration, applying best practice, and promoting standards based solutions.  The overall objective is to produce more threads that are of such quality that the SEs have no option but to treat them as authoritative sources; and hopefully reduce the number of neglected question because we build a more diverse team.

Even if you are not formally mentoring you may still find discussions helpful for idenifying promising newcomers and also identifying the noisy wannabes who really just get in the way.

When you join please post in the "Check In" thread to let us know you are here.

IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400

Group Owner:Gary Patterson

This group is for IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400 technical discussions.  Topics include programming, DB2 on i, performance, system administration, system operations, network administration, and other technical topis of interest to the community.

We won't be debating IBM's branding, platform or product naming - this group is for technical discussions.

Microsoft Exchange Community

Group Owner:Hendrik Wiese

Here we can discuss all the new and existing features in Exchange as well as share any Tools that you use in conjunction with your exchange that makes your life easier.

Digital & Inbound Marketing

Group Owner:Greg Alexander

To discuss web techniques regarding digital marketing such as the latest tracking tools, SEO techniques, website optimization, Call-to-action implementation, conversion management etc...

The primary goal is to share ideas between marketing professionals, web developers & business owners who want grow their business online.

Online Virtual Lab

Group Owner:compdigit44

Being an I.T professional, I always like to read and study the latest technologies. This includes trying the technology hands on. The hardest thing I find is trying to run a small test lab at home. This made me think it would be great to use a LAB in the cloud that could be accessed anywhere and was not limited to the resources on my current workstation/server.

Think about when to take a VMware  or Microsoft class all of there labs are in a Virtual environment. I would be a nice add-on if Experts-Exchange offered such a Lab Environment. I would even be willing to pay for this added service to test things like: VMware, Microsoft, Citrix, Linux etc....

Small Business Server (SBS)

Group Owner:David Atkin

Group dedicated to Small Business Server.

Extra Points awarded

Group Owner:yo_bee

I always felt when I got the extra effort when being  helped, I wished I had the ability to award additional points.
I think there should be a limit of the bonus points, but be available.  I also think you can implement the awarder only has a limited number of points that can be awarded.  This would control possible padding to a targeted helper.

Curious if anyone else has a similar point of view