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Owner and Founder
Housecarers House and Pet Sitting Directory Worldwide
May 2001 – Present
Owner and founder.

We are a world wide house sitting directory based in Newcastle Australia

We have been matching Homeowners with House Sitters worldwide for 10 years.

We are an Australian Private company our ABN is 68 059 547 119

For recent feedback please click blog top right of our website and click "Press" right margin and About us link at the top of our home page..

We are the most visited house sitting site in the world and have matched thousands of house sitters with homeowners worldwide and throughout the world
over the last 10 years.

We have also been featured in many prominent  publications including Washington Post AAPR
retirement magazine and more - see Press right hand site of your website.

For recent verifiable feedback from members please click blog at top right of
our home page. Most of the entries will lead to members profiles.

You can also browse the housesitters forum - top link at our home web page for
five years of rich discussion on housesitting with many topics and
input from member housesitters from around the world.
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House Sitting opens up so many opportunities and adventures for a lot of people - they get to experience communities and locations they may have only dreamed about.  I am glad I can facilitate connections to allow people to fulfill travel dreams. Also it is great to be able to release people to trouble free vacations, knowing their home and pets are being looked after. What a load of that is for many people

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