Babak Sekandari
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Programmer / Analyst
XTO Energy
February 2009 – Present
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
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I am responsible for the business analysis, architecture, design, coding, development, testing, technical documentation, and integration of custom built enterprise applications in various web software languages that facilitate the management of diverse business operations in my company. This includes the setup and design of the database table architecture used by some of my applications. I am also accountable for upgrading and enhancing existing legacy software applications. The software that I work on includes Web applications and automated console applications that run as scheduled tasks. Both the Web applications and the automated applications have database back ends. After the finished product has been deployed to a production environment, I continue to support the end product by providing training and mentoring to the end users.
   In addition to the creation, enhancement, and support of custom software applications I also maintain, configure, and troubleshoot the web servers that host those software applications. I setup both the software applications that I create as well as third party vendor applications on the web servers including the security certificates used on those machines. I monitor the servers for excess resource usage and then I formally justify and request additional hardware to accommodate increased demand. I have also automated some common maintenance, alerts, and notifications from those servers in response to specific server events.  
   I am a self motivated and enthusiastic programmer who is passionate about sharpening his software development skills against greater and tougher challenges. I see my path to personal growth and success as a journey towards perpetually advancing my knowledge and skills. I combine creative thinking with complex logic to find novel solutions for difficult problems; and I attain tremendous satisfaction in engineering high quality products that facilitate real world business operations.

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