Brian Shoemaker
Director of Operations / IT Services
  • Mesa,
  • Arizona,
  • United States
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Industry: Computer & IT
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Professional Background
Director of Operations / IT Services
Krowtena LLC
August 2013 – Present
Mesa, AZ
- Maintain the company's support infrastructure, manage, update, and monitor those systems.
- Manage and maintain customers in a variety of system in the medical, aerospace, military, and legal industries.
- Migrated infrastructures from older Windows Server platforms to Windows Server 2012
- Established continuous process improvement procedures for customers.
- Work with clients to manage all aspects of their IT Infrastructures, Cost and Training.
IT Infrastructure Manager
February 2006 – August 2013
Chandler, AZ
·      Managed the company's network infrastructure, analyze usage, monitoring logs
·      Established continuous process improvement at all levels in organization
·      Created policies and procedures for effective management and business development
·      Developed and implemented business practices improving and reducing operating expenses
·      Analyzed existing support infrastructure and developed new procedures
·      Analyzed network trends collaborated with management on future needs, engineered solutions
·      Applied strong team building and brainstorming techniques to identify / resolve issues
Network Engineer
RHI-Kurt Manufacturing Company
September 2004 – December 2005
Minneapolis, MN
•      Migrated infustructure from Windows NT4 to 2003 Server
•      Migrated Exchange 5.5 to 2003
•      Analyzed network structure to secure and centrally manage all network resources.
•      Implemented a standardized build structure to reduce over all trouble calls.
•      Implemented tracking to measure failures and gains in the IT structure.
•      Audited hardware and software for compliance with licensing agreements.
•      Implemented asset tracking to get a greater knowledge of company resources.
•      Implemented script and batch files to decrease build times by 50%
•      Created visual “How-to” documentation for end-users.
•      Reduced new asset cost by 15%.
Assistance Manager
United Building Center
February 2002 – September 2004
Zimmerman, MN
•      Designed and implemented a peer-to-peer network with emulation to a UNIX based control unit, with daily backups of all Windows based clients
•      Organized and clearly labeled facility inventory to reduce cycle counts times by 200%
•      Maintained local database of two thousand plus items.
•      Additional responsibilities included but not limited to managerial functions, merchandizing, new product evaluation, and day to day functions of retail store entity.
Senior Level Technicial
August 1997 – January 2002
Joliet, IL
•      Installation, configuration and support of all desktops, workstations, laptops, and thin-clients.
•      Lead man on upgrade team for software and hardware upgrade to the Windows 2000 Professional platform
•      24/7 on call to resolve trouble calls for any and all power-up, peripheral devices and connection to local area network with desktop, workstation, laptop, thin-clients, and servers both UNIX and Windows NT/2000.
•      Implemented and maintained preventive maintenance service on a routine schedule for all platforms under contract.
•      Additional responsibilities included special projects and services and maintenance of the spare parts inventory.
Associate Level Computer Technician
McKesson Drug Company
August 1994 – August 1997
Romeoville, IL
•      Built desktop computers to connect to a small peer-to-peer network
•      Wired office to connect to an AS400 system.
•      Supported Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Lotus SmartSuite 97, Microsoft Word 6.0, Excel 6.0 and Access 2.x

School of Hard Knocks
1994 – Present
Several Professors explained that if you want to stay current in this field, you will never learn it at a college you will continue to educate yourself until you decide not to do this profession anymore.
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